Looking for a family Counsellor specialising in Type 1 Diabetes

My 2 year old nephew has just been diagnosed with Type 1 and my sister needs someone with experience to guide her through the rollercoaster of emotions and day to day challenges. Does anyone know a counsellor specialising in diabetes and children?

Sorry to start off replies this way but I’m not sure it’s recommended or allowed to give names of practitioners on the forum (@moderators ?). However there is a Resources tab you can check that might direct you to ones in your area.
FWIW, I was diagnosed back in the '60s when I was 3 years old and have 50+ years with diabetes and am doing well - and there is a lot more knowledge and technology available now. We didn’t even have fingersticks (much less CGMS) until I was out of college - by the time I was 4 or 5 I learned to let my mom know I “felt funny” which we assumed meant I needed a snack.
Hopefully your sister is able to find someone in her area. Please keep us posted.

@RosieH Hi Rosemary, and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!

I can understand that your sister is concerned with her newly acquired task of caring for her son - from what I see, the diagnosis is more difficult for your sister than for her son. I do not have a recommendation for you - I have no idea where your sister and nephew are located.

If anyone has a recommendation for you/sister, it should be communicated off-line, or through the personal message feature on this page.

I suggest, that you and your sister contact a Chapter of JDRF in your area; you can find a Chapter by clicking “Events” at the top of this page and then selecting “JDRF in your area”. Someone there may have suggestions for you. Also, the “Resources” tab has lots of good, and trusted information, including a section entitled Newly Diagnosed. There is much your sister will need to learn; I suggest that she take one step at a time with her child’s medical care team and don’t let herself become overwhelmed by an avalanche of “diabetes stuff”.

Visit here often, ask ask questions; we are very happy to offer tips and suggestions. I’m not a licensed medical provider - I will share what I’ve learned while living with diabetes since the 1950s. I’m a volunteer site moderator, and log on here several time each day; I’ll happily respond to your postings or PM left for me.

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Hi @RosieH Adding to the conversation that you and your sister are welcome to participate here and we will share everything we know. Welcome!

Hi Rosemary and welcome. As already stated, we cannot provide the information you requested, but we can provide help with the day-to-day struggles of dealing with diabetes.

I commend you for finding this site and for reaching out. Your nephew is lucky to have you on his team! I was diagnosed at age 2.5 and have been living with this disease for over 56 years. There are a lot of folks here with years of experience. Some are parents, while others are people with diabetes, but we are all here to help!

There is a lot to learn, and it will take time. Relax, diabetes is manageable and your nephew can live a relatively normal, healthy life with it.

Please let your sister know that we are here and to join us if/when she is comfortable doing so. Your nephew can also join when he is older. We will all do our best to answer any questions they might have.

Pam K
T1D 56+ years and counting!

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