Looking for a GREAT (Boston area) babysitter for our T1 5 year old

Hi all.

My sweet darling 5 y/o little girl was diagnosed 10/2010 (a week before her 4th birthday) w/ T1 diabetes. We've learned a lot, and eat healthy and have been on the OmniPod for the past 6 months. We have her A1C at 7.3. She is fantastically healthy, sweet and fun. We are blessed to have her (and our equally awesome 2 y/o little boy!) :)

This is our DEAL-IO:

1. We currently use my folks to babysit them when my husband and I go out. We would like to hire a babysitter in our area (Boston) that either 1. Has experience w/ T1 diabetes OR 2. Has T1 diabetes herself. We would like a 2/3x a week consistent schedule as well as an occasional weekend night. (But are flexible!!)

2. Does anyone have any advice toward this, or know someone awesome for our children? Any help or advice or recommendations would be appreciated so so so very much.

Lots of love and positive thinking out there to everyone.

Thank you!

Hello my friend!

Try to contact your local diabetes center/chapter in the Mass area. They may help you to find a babysitter who is very familiar with type one diabetes, or who herself has type one diabetes for many years. I am extremely concerned about young children with type one diabetes since I had juvenile diabetes when I was 2 years old in 1967. It was very tough as hell as my parents took care of me back in 1960's.

Any questions, just ask me or others.

May God bless you and your husband for taking care of your daughter's diabetes.


Michael :)

Thank you Michael for your kind words. I will try our local chapter again - however they were the ones who lead me here, thinking that this would be more connected ...

Glad to hear you are doing well w/ your diabetes. Things have certainly changed since the 1960's!

This probably isn't any help, although it could be depending on what side of Boston you live on.  My son will be attending Brown University in the fall.  He's babysat for years and is AWESOME with little kids.  He's even been an assistant teacher for K-1 creative movement classes at his dance studio for four years.  He's been diabetic since he was 15.  He doesn't have pump experience, but he's a T1 diabetic, a bright boy, and a math whiz.

Hi Angie! I would love to meet you/your son.... We are just north of Boston in Chelsea, would this work out? I'm not terribly familiar with how juvenation works but can I pm you somehow? :) (Thank you for your note...) Let me know if you know.

pm?  I don't  know what that means.  North of Boston is not as conducive to Brown University.  I would think you'd have to be pretty desperate.  I will not be in the Providence,RI, area long---really just long enough to move him into college.  I'll hook you up information-wise with Aaron when I can ask his permission.  He's visiting a friend in Oregon this week (spring break).  We live in Virginia.


I'm a senior in high school from Wellesley, and I've had diabetes since I was four years old. I currently have a four-year-old half sister, and although I don't have a lot of babysitting experience, I love little kids and of course I'm very familiar with everything diabetes-related :) Chelsea obviously isn't so close to Wellesley, but I'm around over the summer and would be glad to help out! Let me know and I can give you my contact info. (I think there's a way to start conversations with people on Juvenation by scrolling to the very top of your page and clicking on "Conversations.")

Thanks Angie - We're now friends... let's talk. Looking forward to hearing what Aaron has to say, we're flexible and we can always help him too and be a liaison for him while going to Brown. (Congrats to you and him!) btw - "pm" means "private message"

And, Katie!! Nice to meet you. We are around over the summer too, and make frequent trips via route 16 out to my folks house which isn't too far from Wellesley. I'll try and start a private conversation with you and/or friend you too. (Or whatever it's called!)  Thanks a ton for your note, it sounds as though you and my little girl would have a ton of fun together. :) She/we don't know very many people who have diabetes (I try and keep my mind clear of on-line 'stories' - this is the 1st place I've really reached out...)

Hi Nanvan, are you still looking for a sitter? I'm moving from NYC to Boston this summer.

I'm a 23 years old female with type 1 diabetes (dx'd at age 6)

I have experience with the pump, injections, pens, CGMs, counting carbs and adjusting basal rates. I have been babysitting for 8+ years and I have babysat and mentored children with diabetes of various ages.

I've worked as a camp counselor for a overnight camp for type 1 diabetics and volunteer for Children With Diabetes. Have excellent references available!