Looking for advice about post-breakfast spike and pre-lunch low


For breakfast (7:00 am), I eat a high-fibre cereal (Shredded Wheat With Bran) and take 1 unit of Humalog. I eat a serving of cereal that contains 20g net carb (subtracting the fibre from the carb). I put 1% milk on it, and that's it. But, somehow, this spikes my blood sugar. For example,

  • on Monday, I was 5.9 mmol/l (106 mg/dl) before breakfast and 10.9 mmol/l (196 mg/dl) two hours later.
  • This morning, I was 7.2 mmol/l (130 mg/dl) before breakfast and 11.9 mmol/l (214 mg/dl) two hours later.

By lunch time (around 12:45pm), I am always low. My blood sugar will be about 3.5 mmol/l (63 mg/dl).

How do I lessen this spike, and how do I avoid going low before lunch?

I am asking for advice because I have no one else to turn to. I get the honour of seeing my endocrinologist once a year for 15 minutes (literally, he said, "I am only allowed to see you for 15 minutes."). There is a diabetes clinic where I live, but I haven't found the services there to be as helpful as I had hoped. I feel that other diabetics might understand my problem better, anyway, which I why I am asking for input.


Some people on juvenation have expressed their issues with high BGs just from eating cereal. I've never experienced it but maybe try and eat something different than cereal and see how a different food affects you. If you don't have a spike with a different food then most likely it's the cereal.

I agree with Courtney, cereal does wacky things to your blood sugar.  I have to double my dose, then eat a snack before lunch.  If I dose like I should, I'll end up anywhere from 200-300 mg/dl range by about 10 AM (2 hours after my usual breakfast), then go down to normal by lunch time.

So, what I do is double my dose for breakfast cereal and then bring a cereal bar with me whereever I go.  About 2 hours after breakfast I eat my cereal bar so the extra circulating insulin in my body from breakfast doesn't send me low.

I love cereal, so I wasn't just going to give it up.  This works for me, and if you don't want to give cereal up I'd recommend giving it a try.

My suggestion would to be to eat a more rounded meal and by that, I mean something that has carbs, protein, and fat.  I have had this same problem with cereal...yet of course I keep eating it :D.  The carbs are wearing off before your insulin is.  They are spiking at two different times.  Also, I was at a pump seminar tonight and this issue came up.  My CDE recommends  eating your main meal but saving a portion of it for about an hour and a half later.  She has tried this herself and it has helped her a lot.  She says she will eat her fruit (that she DID count for when bolusing for her meal) about an hour and a half after the bolus.  That way, the food is not peaking all at the same time, and it gives her a boost to get through til lunch.  Hope that helps!!