Looking for advise for when my son goes to the dentist

So next week My 8 year old son will be getting 4 teeth pulled to start the first phase of fixing his teeth.  The Dentist is concerned on the stress that having that many teeth pulled will have on his sugar levels.  Has anyone ever experienced any problems and or have any advise for me and my son?  also what would you give a child who may not want to eat for a day or so...I know juice but most juice has a lot of sugar.  What have you or what would you give your child?  Thank you!

I'm sorry to hear about your son's teeth! I hope that all goes well.

I would check with your endo / nurse, but you might give him a little less of his long-acting insulin (Lantus) that day. Then there would be less worry that he would go low and be difficult to treat. Our endo has advised us that as long as the long-acting insulin is given, there should not be any problems that the BG will go out of control high either. I would just check his BG before the dentist starts. I might also consider a small snack that would be longer-acting carbs like cheese and crackers. I'd check BG again as soon as he is done. If there is concern during the procedure, you could check then too.

We have sometimes used frosting (just buy a tube) when my son hasn't wanted to eat but has a low BG because it is easy to swallow, has a lot of carbs in a small amount.

As for eating, you there are many soft foods - Jello (sugar free or regular), pudding (again could do sugar free, but then still have carbs for milk), cottage cheese, yogurt, applesauce, could serve squash or sweet potatoes as a vegetable or soup would all be good foods. (Probably can work with the foods your dentist OKs for him after teeth pulling.)

I also try to remember that one day of BGs on the high side is not going to hurt my son long term. So if he is higher than normal for a few days while recovering, that is OK.