Looking for an adult camp

Does anyone know of an adult camp for t1d? How about a treatment center?

I’m not aware of an adult T1 camp, but that is a great idea! Last year I heard about some kind of women’s diabetes conference for both types in LA area. You might want to check with Joslin Diabetes Center to see if they have any resources.

Never thought about attending one for T1 adults, but am interested in potentially volunteering at one for kids/teenagers, so have been trying to find out more about what options are out there.

It does seem like the adult “camp” idea is not so prevalent, but here are some leads for you to pursue:
https://diabetessisters.org/pods-meetups (not exactly camps, but should provide a similar community of support)
http://www.diabetesselfmanagement.com/blog/diabetes-camp-for-adults/ (can’t find info more recent than 2013, but maybe you can contact the organization mentioned to ask them)
https://www.diabetescamps.org/camp-finder (maybe most promising since they list at least a few organizations that offer adult camps).

Good luck in this pursuit and maybe you can let us know if you find one that works for your needs?

You can always become a counselor for a kids camp! Thats what i do and i have just as much fun as the campers if not more!! :slight_smile:

For adults in the Pacific NW there is ConnecT1D Retreat, a 2-day retreat for adults with type 1 and a 1-day program for teens 15+. The weekend dates are June 25-26, 2016. Overnight adult accommodations and day-2 of the retreat take place at the beautiful Clearwater Resort on Bainbridge Island, WA. Day-1 will be at the Bell Harbor on the waterfront in Seattle. Registration opens soon. ConnecT1D.org- select Programs then 2016 ConnecT1D Retreat.
Contact me for more details and a Save The Date flyer!


I found the information online.

Thank you

@Kel15 how to you become a volunteer? I’m interested in becoming one after almost 26 years with t1 myself but cant seem to find any information in my area

@Ehickman I am really close to the director of the camps and thats how I was able to volunteer. There is a website for the camps that I go to in florida and thats how I went about the paperwork and everything… check out floridadiabetescamp.org