Looking for dexcom g5 sensors and tandem supplies

Happy holidays

I wanted to see if anyone can spair some g5 senors expired or new and tandem supplies my insurance won’t keep in for a few months and these devices have been a life saver

Thank you

Hi, Brittany, If you’re willing to pay shipping, I have 5 new, unopened, Dexcom G5 Sensor’s, in their unopened plastic envelopes. I’ll also check how much they’d cost to ship tomorrow. Can’t be much; so, maybe I’ll cover it. I’ll send them to you. Thanks, take care, have fun, blessings, Dave

Yes I can play for shipping I live in New Mexico I’m not sure where you live but you can put them in a priority envelope and I think it’s like 7

ok, brittany, where r u in new mexico? I was in magdalena 4 a year. send address, I’ll put in mail tomorrow. when u get it u can send check. thanx, Dave

sounds good. PayPal ~ go2dave2@yahoo.com
will let u know 2morrow

I lived in magdalena

Oh wow what a small town that is great and please do.