Looking for endocrinologist with Minimed and tandem tandem in Miami

Need to find a good endocrinologist who is very familiar with insulin pumps, sensors and TD1 and still in a small practice. The main problem is to find a list of those endocrinologists in my area, sw Miami, that prefer new technology. Any ideas where to start? Then I have to find which takes my commercial insurance or go back to multiple shots.

Hi @eroig13 . I don’t believe providing names of physicians is allowed on the forum but you might see if your local chapter can refer you - check the Resources tab to see what’s in your area.
Endocrinology covers a wide range of medical conditions: not all endo’s treat diabetes, and not all of those treat Type1. So your best bet might be a hospital with a diabetes treatment center. My endo is one of a practice of several physicians at a DTC at a local hospital and it’s nice to know that if I had an emergency her office is “on site.” Thankfully that has only happened once, but sure enough she came to check on me the same day.
If that’s not an option, I would go through my provider directory to find endo’s, and call to find which of those handle Type1. I would like to think that most of those handle the technology by now but it is a question worth asking. You could also ask your pump rep for recommendations.

Hi @eroig13 my insurance company has a list of any kind of doctor that is in their system (takes the insurance). And I can search this list by location. Maybe start with your insurance company?

Edith @eroig13, my thought about your search is to find the best Diabetologist in your area and then find out if that physician is In-Network with you commercial insurance company. You can find names and specialities accepted by your insurance company on its members website; some good doctors who are not in-network will charge you no more than your insurance company’s payments.

Being a member of the Endocrine Society, i.e., a board certified endocrinologist, does not necessarily make a physician a good or knowledgeable diabetologist; and not all endos help manage people with diabetes. Once you identify potential doctors, I recommend that you interview before making a commitment.

Hi Joe,

Yes I always check my insurance website first, but in this case they have all endocrinologist together for both type 1 & 2. If is not meant to be I go to one in the list I used 20 years ago and do multiple injections instead.

Thanks for replying.

I thought about that, but if I do choose a doctor out of network the insurance may not cover pump replacement and or supplies and that I cannot afford.

My pump warranty expires in July, so instead of getting a new pump I can always go back to multiple shots which I did until 1998. Only good thing is that I don’t drive anymore due to severe hypos so I will be ok.

Thanks for replying. Like they say, everything happens for a reason.

I’ve found most providers accept my insurance when I’m searching for new providers, but of course your experience may vary. I think you’re find to have to make some phone calls to confirm whether offices treat Type1, unless you can get some names from your pump rep.

Found a group from University of Miami. The one dr who had TD1 in their biography didn’t have appointment until January 2024 and I called this February, so I selected another one. Unfortunately for big group the person who takes appointments do not know and will say yes most of the times if one asks if dr treats TD1 with pumps. Keeping my fingers crossed.