Looking for Exercise Consultant

Okay so I'm really struggling lately with getting my numbers in range. I'm fine before workouts and then low after workouts or fine before workouts and then super high after workouts or I'm super high before workouts and then fine after workouts. I'm trying to be as consistent as I can with everything, but it just doesn't seem to be working for me. I need some help and I'm looking for someone who knows about diabetes and exercise and would be willing to communicate through texting and what not to really help get myself in proper range. I want my a1c in a healthier range and I want to get it there in a safe and healthy way. I am 19 years old and on a pump and in college. If anyone is willing to help me and has good control of their diabetes and is willing to share their knowledge of exercise and good control I would love the help and support. 

Drew Harvey


it's always better for me to work out (cardio stuff) with a starting BS about 120-180 with zero insulin on board (IOB) and then at 0%, 33% or 66% of basal during the workout depending on the intensity and amount of cardio.  also, cutting back the basal about 45 minutes before actually starting the workout.   high cardio workouts can be brutal with any insulin on board.  If I must do exercise within 4 hours of a meal - I make sure I only bolus half or less and then start my workout before the sugar gets too high.    even the best planning can lead to unintended outcomes - test often and have sugar nearby.

strength exercise like weightlifting I have less experience - but this is the kind of workout that many people find their blood sugar goes up.  you'll have to experiment with insulin on board, basal rates and your workout routine.  your starting IOB depends on your sensitivity.  I take 45 units total per day and would not try experimenting like that with more than 1 unit on board and a starting BG below 120.

enough said - this aint science - this is an art with a lot of trial-and-error.  Still, I trained myself to be able to bike or run in a variety of starting situations and  you can too.    test, keep data, talk to your doctor if you are uncomfortable with making insulin adjustments yourself, keep glucose in your pocket and good luck

I usually take my pump off during workouts, so I am now currently trying workouts while wearing my pump. I am hoping to see some better results.