Looking for Facebook Friends going though this new diagnosis

Hi, I am wondering if any other newly diagnosed or parents of newly diagnosed are on facebook. It is so nice to be able to just vent, talk, or get advice from someone going through this same thing.

My 12 yr old son was diagnosed exactly 2 weeks ago today and we are just starting to adjust to this new life.

If you want a facebook friend or even an email friend I would love to also have someone to converse with.

Look me up on facebook or email me.

Amy Helfenbein - on facebook


Amy, I will add you to my gmail contacts.  Are you set up with Gtalk yet?  if so i have it installed on my phone, i use it more than facebook.  Facebook kinda freaks me out.   Feel free to contact me anytime!



Hey, I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 about 6 weeks ago, 7 months ago I was diagnosed incorrectly with type2, so here I am learning all this new stuff to take care of myself, I am 46 years old, taking 4 shots a day and checking my bg 6 times a day. Sometimes I feel like it has consumed my life because I am trying to learn so much about this. I don't think I am ready for the pump yet, even though I am taking 4 shots a day I am not taking that much of insulin each time. I am still weighing my options though. I get comments from so many people that don't know anything about this and they really think they do. This is challenging but I am not going to let this beat me.

How is your son dealing with this? I know for me as an adult it is difficult so I can imagine it is so much more difficult being a kid, and as a parent it has to be very difficult.

I am learing along the way, so maybe we can help each other?


Hi Amy!

My daughter was diagnosed in May of '08.  I have facebook and will look you up!

Kathie Benjamin

Hi Amy,

My 5 year old son was diagnosed on 7/22/09. So I'm there with you. I'll look for you on FB. I'm under Madelin Suarez Alfonso.

or you can email me at maddie16125@yahoo.com



Hi Kathie,

I have a 5 year old boy who was diagnosed with T1 on 7/22/09. I've tried finding you on FB, but nothing comes up under Kathie Benjamin. You can find me under Madelin Suarez Alfonso.

Hope to hear from you.




I tried to find you and I couldn't.  Also, I tried sending you an email inviting you to my FB page and it says you are set to private so I can't send you anything.  Try searching for me again.

Kathie Benjamin

My son age 14 was diagnosed in April 2009. The honeymoon period for stress has not passed but we are getting by. I would suggest a couple of things that will help keep you sane. First, stay off researching every thing you can find on diabetes on the internet - especially the medical sites. You have made a great step in finding this site. No book will help you like this site will. Please make sure you son gets on it also. Kids with diabetes help other kids  better than any parent or friend without diabetes could ever do.

Right now he is adjusting - its cool to play with the machine, counting carbs is a pain but not too bad. His friends will ask all the questions and he will be the center of attention for awhile. Then it will be you and him and this support group.

He will get tired of sticking himself, the brave front will turn to frustration, etc. ITS O.K. It will be new for your not not for others.

Take the good days, have your endo check his thyroid if he appears really tired all the time (like coming home from school and sleeping for 3 hours, and then going to bed early and then being exhausted when it is time to wake up. 

I have two children - my daughter is 26 and my son 14 as I mentioned. We were always close but diabetes has really forced me to look at my son and see his glow. I hug him all the time now - sometimes for him and many times for me.

Best of luck and stay connected. 


It really is amazing how we look at life differently now, isn't it?  I see my kids differently and I appreciate them even when they are driving me crazy.  Sometimes when my kids are making me really mad I will stop them and hug them and tell them how glad I am that they are alive.  I see the world through different eyes.  It is amazing.

my son was diagnosed about a week and a half ago he is going to be 4 on sat. would love to find friend on facebook you can find me on face book Julie Melanson or email me @ lazer_39@hotmail.com

Hi  requested you as a friend...my son is 2 1/2 diagnosed at 22 months.  Looking forward to speaking with you!


Hi Amy - i just joined this group today. My 7 year old grandson was rushed to a hospital last week and is VERY newly diagnosed with Type 1.

I went to the grocery store for my daughter (his mom) yesterday and spent an hour just reading labels and trying to find correct carb count stuff to send just for snacks at school this week.  My daughter is stressing out over counting all the carbs and then adjusting his insulin for his 4 shots per day.  How are you dealing?  Any suggestions about how i can be supportive to my daughter without being intrusive?

Hi Diane,

May I suggest your daughter get a gram/ounce measuring scale.  Hence, she can weigh out the snacks and put them in ziplock bags.  That way your are not restricted to mini pack snacks.  


Please be assured your daughter is experiencing a very normal reaction...it is so overwhelming at first.  Do know she will come to accept a new normal.  



One way you can help your daughter and her son is to learn with them.  Your daughter will need a break...being a mom of a young diabetic child...I can only say it is a must we get away from all of the care from time to time...even if it is a half hour or so:)

I remember stressing over the carbs all too clearly.  My son, 6 years old, was dxd in April of 2009, so we have almost been at this for 10 months.  It was so stressful, and after about 6 months, I finally realized that the carb counting in not such a big deal.  The hospital had made it out to be such a huge thing, and it is, kind of, but thinking back, I should not have been so stressed over it.  But, believe me, when it is your child's health, it doesn't matter, you want to do everything by the book.  Now, I just want him to be healthy and HAPPY and part of that is for me not to stress over this too much.  Just bear with your daughter and support her.  My family doesn't understand and they are not willing to learn either, which makes for an even worse situation.  The only support I have is my husband and my Mom and that support has meant the world to me.  I never wanted to be a nurse, but now I am, every day and every night.  Best support you can be for your daughter is to read some books and listen to her when she needs to vent, because she will, I still cry, this is so hard!  Good luck to your family. 

thank you thank you thank you~  i really appreciate your suggestions.  good luck to you, too.  Now if i can just get my daughter to take the time to join this group ...... going to an education session with the family tomorrow at the hospital  

Counting carbs has just become one more aspect of our family's healthy eating.  Because our son is on Humalog to "cover" each of his meals, and has four different carb/insulin ratios throughout the day, the more accurately I count carbs, the better BS control we have.  But, we've been at this since 5/13/09, so we've had time to incorporate William's T1 care into our everyday routine.

For the first month or so after dx, everything is just overwhelming.  There is so much information, so much to learn, and you feel like your child's survival is completely dependent on YOU and only you.  But, it takes time for the BS to start easing down, time for the endo team to refine the numbers to keep good control, and time for mom to become comfortable and fluent in BS management.  The most "dangerous" part of on-set is past, and it takes long stretches of really bad BS control for permanent damage to occur, so you've got TIME to learn and perfect your BS management skills.  All new-onset caretakers need to know that they have TIME to learn this and get better at it.

As momo said, the toughest part is feeling like you are the ONLY one who can care for your child.  I was blessed with a circle of friends who insisted I teach them how to care for our son in case they needed to.  They set up a time to come to my house so I could sit down and walk them through the basics of William's care, "just in case".  It was a huge relief to me, knowing I could leave William with someone else if I had to.  It was six months before I was able to leave him overnight with his aunt, but knowing we can do that allows my husband and I to have a date night now and then...even if we just have supper together and go to bed for a long, restful night of sleep.  Mom, the best thing you can do for your daughter right now is to gently insist on being a partner in your grandchild's care, and having regular "dates" with your grandchild when you are in charge of BS management.  Give your daughter a break as often as you can manage, so she has time to care for herself and process all of the emotional part of what she's dealing with.  She needs to be strong to care for your grandchild, and you can support her in that.