Looking for Friends and Support

Hi. I am a newly diagnosed type 1 adult. I was originally misdiagnosed in November of 2013, as a type 2 by my PCP due to my age(mid 30s), despite not having a family history, weighing less than 100lbs, and never being overweight, good blood pressure and cholesterol and being healthy enough for major eye surgery four years prior. I knew absolutely nothing about diabetes, so trusted my doctor completely. What a shock to learn later how little the general medical field knows about type 1. My A1C was 13 at time of diagnosis, but all my doctor did was put me onGlipicide and told me to cut out all sugar. I made a drastic lifestyle change. My diet was never that bad. I rarely ate junk food and drank no soda. but I did drastically limit my carb intake. To make a long story short, I started doing a lot of research and going to diabetes classes. I started to doubt my diagnosis. My numbers did drop from 13 to 11 in one month. then my doctor doubled my dose and again my numbers dropped, from 11 to 9. . But I wasn’t feeling better. And I really wanted confirmation on what type I was. Needless to say, after changing doctors several times and insisting even to my newly found endo, because even she thought I was a type 2, because of my dropping numbers, for a test to confirm. Well, I got my wish. It was confirmed in August of last year, when I was put on insulin. I was happy to finally get answers to things that just didn’t make sense, but I was also devastated. I held on to the belief that if I was a type 2, I could eat better and exercise more and be close to normal, but not a type 1. My situation is made harder because I was born with glaucoma and lost all my usable sight in my early 20s. I know managing type 1 is tough, but I feel so overwhelmed being totally blind as well. My sighted husband has been so wonderful with taking care of my diabetes.He cooks and portions out my meals and helps me count carbs. Which is hard on me because I’ve been so independent and now this disease has left me feeling helpless. I do want to get to a point where I can manage on my own, but right now I just can’t deal with it. I also work full time and am in my second semester of my Masters program. I know several type 2s and a few of them do take insulin. but I haven’t really found anyone in my particular situation. Some days I feel like I could just break. Sorry for writing a novel.