Looking for g5 sensors and omnipods

My daughter is running super low on her supplies and I ran out of any place I can go and our insurance will no longer cover the pump nor the CGM and this has been a life saver. I’ve had a few people reach out to me but haven’t gotten any help yet please I’m asking as a mother .

She is in need of g5 senors weither they are expired or not.
And omnipod

I understand your panic! We started running out of supplies because of communication issues between the supplier and the doctor’s office getting new prescriptions - each one said they were waiting on info from the other!

Have you contacted Omnipod and Dexcom to see if they could give you ‘samples’? They might also have suggestions about getting additional supplies inexpensively as well or be able to work with you to get them at a discount. Same with your Endo as far as samples.