Looking for help for my little pin cushion fingers

I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions for a hand cream to use that could help with my fingers, where I do my BG's..... Right now, they look like little pin cushions....... and I think I may have a callus in a spot or two....any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



I know exactly where you are coming from. To get my CGMS I had to test 15 times a day for insurance. My fingers killed me!

First off, dont know what meter you have but alot of the "prickers" have a arm attachment. That saves alot of pain on the fingers. It takes some time to get used to but even if you alternate it saves some fingers.

The lotion i use, its kinda greasy and thick but in a night or two its all healed. It from Sally Handen its like miracle hand repair. Seriously its amazing.

Hope this helps at all!

Hi Kristy,

I'm wondering what lancet device you're using. I use the accu-chek multiclix. it is about 4 " long. It is different from others because you use drums instead of single needles. Each drum has 6 needles in it. You put one drum in, then press down on the end of the device and it is ready. To rotate the drum, you twist THEN press down on the end. It's really easy because you don't have to put a new needle in each time. When I use the multiclix it is a single fluid motion, really easy to use.

The also important thing is that it has a depth setting from 1 to 6. That way the needle goes in only a specified distance instead of hurting you, or not drawing any blood at all. This makes the multiclix personalizable (if that's a word :-) )

I've heard from other people that the multiclix is the most user-friendly. I don't know because it is the only thing i have used since I was diagnosed (3 years ago).

Just a suggestion. Oh yeah I also play the violin so for three years I have only been testing on 3 fingertips, and I haven't had any problems with scar tissue or anything. Although I am planning on trying some alternate sites, like my forearm or palm.

Hope this helped!