Looking for ID options for 9 year old boy

My son was just diagnosed with T1D a few weeks ago and I need to find some form of ID necklace/bracelet/temp tattoo that I think he’ll like and be willing to wear. I was leaning towards a dog tag style necklace but I’m open to suggestions. Also, what information needs to be included on whatever I choose?

Hi Melanie.

I have gone back and forth on bracelet to necklace. I had dog tag and then a more simple bracelet as I’ve got older— it’s 100% preference.

The things I had on the ID was
Type 1 diabetic
Known allergies if any
And an emergency contact

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Ok thanks so much! I’ll check out your page.

I got some bracelets and necklaces from Lauren’s hope and I absolutely love them!!! They have some cute bracelets and necklaces for younger kids as well.:blush:

Hi @Melrosiest,

Our son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies prior to his T1D diagnosis, so we ordered a dog tag laser etched with his information and our phone number. He’s not growing that fast, but we felt that it would allow for that. He’s also less likely to take it off (he has strong feelings about his clothes and fabrics, possibly because of his ADHD). I also purchased a rugged pouch for his glucometer and other supplies (EpiPens, glucagon, etc) and a patch that says “Insulin dependent diabetic.”

Best wishes