Looking for information your experience

Looking for information. Due to be upgraded at the end of the month currently on Minimed 523 and guardian sensor started the guardian connect about 6 months ago find at times it’s right on the numbers but often off on readings by more than 100. Looking to see how other CGM’S and pumps are working for everyone just doing a little research before I commit. I have been dealing with Minimed since 1995 T1D since 1976 health great no complications any information appreciated

I used Minimed for several years (before their CGM came out) then switched to Dexcom because I liked its sleeker appearance. I use it with Dexcom’s G5 (my insurance doesn’t cover the G6)and am very happy with it. I do have to calibrate a few times a day, which I do at mealtimes, and my fingersticks are typically very close to Dexcom’s numbers so I’m very happy with my choices. I can’t comment on Dexcom’s G6 so check out what those users have to say.

I switched from MM to Tandem tslim X2 a little over a year ago and am so happy I did. Have only been on the G5 but love the integration on the pump and am looking forward to being able to use basal IQ and control IQ whenever Medicare gets their act together.

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