Looking for neoprene case (or some other shock-absorbing material)

Ok, admit it.  How many times have you dropped your pump on the floor?  Falling from a height of 2-4 feet wreaks havoc on the pump body.  I just returned one (under warranty) after discovering the casing was cracked - interestingly the first one I've found in the 10 yrs of use.  Much to my chagrin, I've noticed the replacement is damaged in much the same way, but in a more precarious spot.  I need help!  I know I'll never not drop mine again.  There's gotta be a product out there to help protect my external organ!

Any suggestions?  thoughts?  ideas? 

While googling case protection, I did find this neat accessory http://www.groovypatches.com/gallery_TEST.php?pageNumber=5&option1=0&option2=0&option3=0


What kind of pump do you have? My son has an Animas Ping and they have rubber skins for those, he has a blue one. Maybe google "pump skins" and see what comes up. I also came across those groovy patches, neat idea. :)

I wear a Medtronic Minimed.  Rubberized.  I'll keep eyes out for that.  Thanks@