Looking for omnipods and g5 dexcom supplies

I have posted here in the hopes of some help for my daughter our insurance will not cover any of her supplies they say it’s not a most have we are in the process of doing appeal but who knows how long that will take and she has already landed in Dka so please I ask if any one else can help

I’ve been lucky to find 2 Individuals that where nice enough to help But I’m still in need

Looking for omnipods and dexcom g5 supplies senors and transmitter if anything even the g6
I posted a picture of my daughter she is still soo young it’s hard to see .


I do not have either, but if you use Facebook I suggest you join the CGM in the Cloud - Off Topic group and repost there.

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I have some G4/G5 sensors I would love to send to you. Email me waitingonparadise@yahoo.com

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I emailed you back it maybe in the spam folder

I have one sensor g5 send me the address and I’ll put it on the mail zamuria777@hotmail.com

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What omnipod does she use? Is it Omnipod or Omnipod Dash?

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Does your daughter have a Dexcom G5, I have a few sensors we can offer. Let me know…

Yes she has the g5 that would be awsome

She actually has both in july she upgraded to the dash but we keep the other one for back up.

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Where are you located? I might be able to help…

I’m trying to get the dash so I can monitor my baby at school the Dexcom is not satisfying me just yet…

I’m in New Mexico any help would be greatful.

I’m pretty sure I have at least one G5 sensor and I might have a few Omnipods (not Dash compliant). Email me your address? deb@changehealthcare.com

I have messaged a few of you guys and not have gotten a response.