Looking for other 4-6 year old T1D for my daughter - Conejo Valley

Hello! We are located in Conejo Valley and my 4yo daughter was diagnosed in January. We are looking to connect her with kids her age locally.
Thank you!

I Jillian @JillRoseKling, first let me offer A Welcome to the TypeOneNation Forum! I hope that you, and your daughter, will find useful information here, make friends and share.

I don’t know Conejo Valley but I’m assuming it is in the Sacramento area where there is a JDRF Chapter where you might meet other people affected by TypeOne. if my geography is off, you may be able to find another 4 y/o girl with diabetes by clicking the “Events” Tab at the top of this page, select “JDRF Near You” and enter your zip code.

Good luck!