Looking for participation from Michigan

I am writing this for my 8 year old son. We maintain a website and would like to invite you to look.


We realized so much in the past year after his diagnoses... we did not have insurance when he was first diagnosed and needed help with medical supplies. we offer some items to help those out  who are in that same situatation!  We also unfortunately has a house fire shortly after the diagnoses and lost all our supplies! We were with out a meter over nite until we could meet someone at the school to get our spare one.  We realize life happens and you cant always plan for it.  Thats why we maintain our site and offer items to those in need!  Please never hesitate if you need something. We have a lot of stuff in stock for others we accept any donated items that may be used for others with diabetes.

We also have start the QUILT FOR LIFE MICHIGAN! My son loved the Quilt for Life from all over the united states.... he said mom "can we do that? how many people in Michigan have diabetes?"  I said absolutely! lets make this more than a number! We are people withpersonalitiies.. not just another number!  We have got it started and would love to add everyone from michigan! We would love to be able to put it on display throughout michigan during JDRF outings or personal fundrasieing events!

Look at our website for details and join the fun if you would !!!!!