Looking for people to chat with

I have been a diabetic for 5 years. Im 11 years old and get mad sometimes because I’m the only diabetic in my school. I like unicorns, pokemon, and fnaf.

@DiabeticUnicorn. Hi Aud, I am really sorry you can’t find other kids to help you through this. I was the only kid on my entire high school and it was tough for me too.

My son also is having frustrations at school and with newly people diagnose does he play video games … fort nite or Roblox I would gladly tell my son about him and for him also to feel
Alone I feel he has been starting to feel the overwhelming and emotional roller coasters that come along :confused:

my son loves him some five nights at freddy’s!!! wish i could help but i dont know any young ones with t1d

What would you want to chat on because my daughter is 8 years old and cant connect with anyone at school because of her diabetes. She loves unicorns and fnaf.

Hi there @DiabeticUnicorn!!!
I’m 14 yrs old, and have been diagnosed for just under 4 yrs. I am in my freshman year of high school. I’m sorry you are having trouble in school. I was always embarrased about my type one, and not open about it until i met one of my best diabuddies Andrea who works at JDRF. She introduced me to their advocating program and now I get to help people in my area feel more comfortable, and enjoy educating others. I love talking to people, and i am an advocate and public speaker for JDRF. I would love to chat with you. :blush: let me know!!!

Hi, My son is 14 and is the only boy at school with Type 1 diabetes. He loves Roblox, Minecraft, ps4 and switch.