Looking for suggestions on medical tapes used to secure sensor

PLEASE anyone who can suggest a brand of medical tape that seems to work best for them with securing the sensor for more than two days.... my husband is going back to work and absolutely needs to keep the sensor on and WORKING during work hours.  He works in Elevator Construction and is usually in the heat, this seems to melt the tape right off the skin. Looking forward to some ideas, thanks!! 

Veronica & Joe

I have found the best results with Hypafix 2 inch tape.  It's breathable and sticks even after multiple showers and heavy sweating.

Some folks swear by Smith/Nephew FlexiFit tape, but I didn't care fot it as it seems to pucker when exposed to water.

If you are a Minimed user, you can request a free taping kit from them.  It includes several types of blear tapes, but does NOT include the FlexiFix or Hypafix tapes.  I usually purchase mine from Ebay.

Hope that helps.  Keeping that sensor secure it important!

Thank you so much. I appreciate your suggestions- we will research them this weekend. Do you think it's something I could find at Walgreens or CVS? Joe uses the Dexcom Sensor- when we used the Medtronics CGM, they supplied IV prep and the tegaderm tape but Dexcom did not offer that. Thanks again, Veronica

I bought my first roll of Hypafix at my local  small town druigstore, as I suspected they would have it in stock.  I don't believe I've seen at like
CVS or Walgreens, but can't be sure.  It is MUCH less costly to shop for it online!.  I think I've had the best luck at EBay.  There are companies who sell thru EBay..and they are usually very quick to ship.  I've never had a problem with a Hypafix purchase via Ebay.

If it were me....I'd do a search for which ever tape you decide to buy on the internet and ask other pumpers/CGMS users if they've ever bought from the lowest place you find.

When I bougjht my first roll thru the pharmacy...I paid like 3x what I pay for online.

As for MM providing IV3000...In my opinion....that is useless at keeping anything attached more than one day or one showerQ  Of course, that is juist MY opiniomn.  I sure wish MM would offer the better tapes that I like...then my insuirance would cover them!!!

Good luckl  If you need it immediately..then certainly buy at drugstore if they have it...or can get it.  Find out best price for quantiy you are getting, then consi der shopping online for future needs.  They Hypafix comes in as small a roll ast 2inch by 24inches.  It also comes in a 4 inch width too that some people like!  It really is a 'see what works best for you' thing!


There's a product called Leuko-tape that is used to stabilize joints. It is so strong that its best to not remove it for a few days to save your skin. However, if its hard to keep the sensors on - that might be the right combination!

I use 3M Transpore Tape. The rolls aren't to expensive, you can buy at CVS/Walgreens/ Rite Aid. The tape is very easy to rip by hand. It sticks like nothing. Usually on day eight or nine on my sensor when it starts to peel up, I will use small pieces to keep the adhesive down. It will normally do the job. The only disadvantage is that the tape will leave a residue. I keep meaning to find something to remove the adhesive. So far though it is all good.

if tape residue is a problem, try dabbing on some of that hand sanitizer gel and rub it in.  It usually works quite well to remove tape residue!