Looking for Support for 7 year old

Hello! My daughter has been T1 since the age of 18 months old. She is now 7 and experiencing some frustration and embarrassment at school. Wondering if anyone has had similar experiences and would like to connect. Thanks!

hello @margaretinWisconsin and welcome to the Forum. A couple of quick thoughts; please contact the JDRF (I think the closest chapter is in Menasha) https://www.jdrf.org/wisconsin/ it is the best place to find other parents and contacts near you. The other thought is that maybe this year or next, there are Diabetes camps that you can look into where the campers and counsellors all have or have training in Type 1. You have to look up either the “ADA diabetes camps” or Wisconsin diabetes camps and options come right up.

Embarrassment at school is a tough one, I hope the administration and nurse have the training needed and you have advocacy and cooperation at the school. With a Type 1 diagnosis, you can get a 504 plan started where you can have accommodations (that you decide you want) for your daughter. Hope you guys are OK.

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@margaretinWisconsin ,

does your daughter have a §504 plan that addresses her protected status and the accommodations required by USA Law? There is a Facebook group with ADA Safe at School national subject matter experts and advocates as members. The Group is 504-Diabetes and has membership questions. Advocates & support is linked there. Message me if you wish.

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Hi! Yes, she does have a 504. I will look into the facebook group as well. Thank you!

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Thank you! I sent a message to the local chapter. I think there is a camp in Kenosha, which is something we are going to look into as well.