Looking for support for my son

Hi, my 16 yr old son was diagnosed with type 1 on September 30.  As you might expect, he's stressed, sad, depressed, and so on.  I'm trying to connect him with other's in our area that are experiencing the same thing, or who have had the same experience. Any suggestions?

HI Jill, I'm sorry to hear of your son's diagnosis. I'd suggest having him explore Juvenation - there are lots of teens on here in the various groups and pages - some who have had T1 a long time and others who are more recently diagnosed. Your hospital or clinic might have some suggestions as well as your local JDRF chapter. I am glad for you that you also found Juvenation - as it has been a huge blessing to me as a parent - and all the emotions that I feel (stressed, sad, depressed, scared, etc.) and learning how to deal with them, knowing I'm not alone in feeling them, and moving on with our new lives. Welcome!


Perhaps you could contact your local JDRF chapter for advice. They may run support groups that could be useful. Also ask your clinic if they can help. My 11 year old was diagnosed 6 months ago and he is only just coming around to the idea of meeting others with type 1. Perhaps your son just needs time to take it all in and try to process it before he begins to meet others.

Best of luck,



Thanks for the replies to my post.  I appreciate the suggestions and support.  My son does need some time to adjust but I want to make sure he has all the tools possible at his disposal so he never feels alone.  I'll check with JDRF as was suggested.  Thanks again!


I found a local support group by going to the main JDRF website.  Within a day of e-mailing the facilitator she had contacted me by e-mail, and I was contacted by two families wanting to meet us a few days later.  They generally have monthly family get-togethers.  We're also registered to attend Family Diabetes Camp this weekend. 



Hi Jill - Not sure if you've found the support yet or not through JDRF, but I have a friend who was able to find a mentor.  Someone with type 1 diabetes as well - to help them with questions etc.  I do not know if they are available in all areas of the country but here's a link from JDRF with a number to call.  I hope things are going well.  http://www.jdrf.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=home.viewPage&page_id=F94CAE9A-1279-D3DC-F915703E09FEB429

Hi Jill

I am there now. My son was diagnosed in April - he is 14. I am going thru the same things you are now. At first it was kind of a novelty. Now it has warn off and he has all the aches and pains, tired of testing his blood levels, cheating on what he eats and other things. I don't know how encouraging I can be because I have not seen the Better that others have seen.  If you get a moment check out and see if there are any diabetes camps in your area (Sponsered by the ADA). My son went in June and it helped alot meeting other kids who have diabetes. Before that he was alone and so were we.

Things that are getting a little better are figuring out the carbs. It doesn't take forever. I also found that I could eliminate entering everything in a log by getting a meter with the log already built in. You can also download on the computer. IT shows highs and lows and many other things. To me it was something I could control in an environment I felt powerless in for a long time. 

In the few short months my son has had diabetes he has lost his meter on vacation, had the H1N1 virus twice, and had an overdose of insulin.

We got thru it and you will to.  Jill, I won't tell you its easy - its not.  Its hard because I can't tell my son how he should feel. The only ones who can ever do that are those who have it. But, as parents we can be there for others. This site is great for that - use it often.