Looking for support, I think I may have found it

I wokeup three days after Christmas, two and a half short months ago, with blurry vision past arms length.  There was all the usual symptoms extreme thirst, fatique, unexplained weight loss, and hunger, hunger , hunger.  Well of course I started at the eye doctor, even though my wife a Registered Nurse and I had a pretty good idea what was happening.  I just couldn't believe it,at 42,  I excercise, I ate pretty well, for heaven sake I had been a competitive mountain biker for nearly five years,  I was not overweight,(much), my blood pressure was well within acceptable levels, even 42 to at rest during my sleep apnea test last year, my cholesteral was pretty good, the good cholesteral was slightly low, but the diagnosis was D2.  My wife insisted that the we do an Islet cell test on my blood because I was not at all your "typical type two diabetic.  The Endocronoligist reluctantly complied believing that he was right and that the test was unneccassary.  well within two weeks we got a letter from the doctor explaining I did have the antibodies present in my blood confirming Type1.  Well because I was already excercising and eating well the adjustments were tough at first but not as drastic as mostdiabetics I am sure. My initial A1c was 10.7, within 6 weeks of diet and excercise along with Metformin my next A1c was 8.5.  My goal for my next doctor visit, April 27 is <6.5.  I am always less than 130 after meals and never higher than 90 in the morning.  I think these are good numbers, it seems like there are differing opinions out there.  Well I have seemed to have rambled on but I did have a question, I am feling better now that my blood sugar is not 500 plus and I am trying to get back to the hard riding on the mountain bike that I enjoy, I am finding after 7-8 miles I am losing steam, I am wondering does the Metformin have anything to do with this as I am supposing that the store of sugars I have are quickly consumed, and the Liver is not releasing reserves because of the Metformin,  am I offbase on this? 

i'm not much good at answering your question, but i just wanted to say welcome to juvenation :o) glad you found us.


Mostly I want to welcome you to Juvenation.  Not sure if it's the Metformin or omething else happening with you sugar or other - are you testing your sugar at the time you're losing steam - a drop would certainly explain it.  

That said, where the metformin is concerned, as a type 1: http://care.diabetesjournals.org/content/26/5/1655.1.full was the last article i had stumbled over a while back - not sure why it wouldn't be contraindicated in your case with the change in diagnosis.

Good luck and I'm betting someone with better science and background may have better answers for you.  Great to have you with us.



What you describe is a little unusual.  Metformin helps with the insulin resistance of type 2.  It doesn't treat type 1.  The only treatment for type 1 is injected insulin. 

The good blood sugars you now have after taking Metformin and making diet and exercise changes are more consistent with type 2. 

I don't know a lot about it, but there is also type 1.5 which is a slow onset form of type 1 diabetes more common in adults.  A type 1.5 has an extended honeymoon period (where the body is still making insulin) that can last for years.  You might meet with an endocrinologist to get more information about what you're dealing with.

I am still trying to understand all that has happened in the last 9 weeks, I believe you are correct with the type1.5 diagnosis, my endocronologist only considers 1 and 2.  I do seem to be in the "honey moon" stage with some insulin production, I am not taking any Insulin as of yet but it seems to be just a matter of time.  I am hoping that I can quit taking the Metformin and control the sugars with diet and excercise, until the inevitable happens.  I did have a much better ride today, stillunable to hold a race pace for long but was able to complete the course with plenty of steam today, woohoo!!!  I believe that I can know get back to riding as hard as I was, and the loss of 25 lbs should help my endurance.

I am really glad there is someone to talk to like you guys,

Thanks Parrformance

metformin can be used with type 1s. it can be used to help with weight loss and other things. it's used in conjunction with insulin, similar to how type 1s use symlin (except metformin is a pill).

My younger brother had a similar experience; he was diagnosed T2 at 33 yrs old, extremely fit Marine Lawyer with a sister with T1.  I'm pretty sure the lawyer in him convinced his doctor that he was Type 2 so he didn't need to take shots, since he hates needles!  Eventually however the oral meds stopped working and he had to face the fact that he was Type 1.  I've also heard that the anti-body tests for T1 are not always conclusive; even if you test negative doesn't mean you're not Type 1. 

I'm not sure of the effects of any oral medications on the liver secreting sugar, but I do know that if you have too many lows that your adrenaline reserves will run low, which can inhibit your liver from releasing sugar when you need it.  It could also be that you were just low at the time you felt your energy wane; I run a lot, and when I feel like I just "don't have anything" I'll take my blood sugar and it will be low.  Your body needs sugar for energy, go figure!  :)


I have tested positive for the antibodies:(  I did have a great ride yesterday and did not lose steam as I had been, I am going to take out the road bike and try to pop a 30 miler tonight and see how that goes, wish me luck.

I always test my Blood sugar before heavy exercise and then half way I take a break and then I know if my blood sugar is dropping to quickly. I always take glucose tablets and a low to mid carb snack as well just in case. Welcome to Juvenation!

Thanks so much for the welcomes I have received, I am not the typical type 1 and  I am dreading the transistion.  I  am glad you guys are here so maybe I won't stress as much.


It sounds like we are in the same boat. I was dxd last year at 43yrs old as type 1. I was on insulin for a year and now they are testing me again thinking maybe type 2. I went from 13.0 A1C to 6.1 to 6.5. My regular Dr. and my endo are thinking maybe 1.5. I have no idea. They think I may be able to go to Metformin. Keep in touch I would like to hear more.


In my experience, I've never met a "typical" type 1 - I'm pretty sure we're all extraordinary (and humble)... ;)

You are listening to your docs, educating yourself and reaching out - a wonderful formula for success - my way of sayin' - "relax - you've got this."



I am really interested in finding out Ksum what type of results you get with the Metformin,  I am curious wether the metformin is helping me or wether my strict diet is the big factor. You sent  a friend request but I do not see it now but once I figure it out I will gladly accept.

I've been a Type 1 for over 30 years and about 15 years ago started taking Metformin.  I find my bs are much better and my A1c has been between 5.8 and 6.2.  I wouldn't give metformin all the credit as I do exercise a lot and test a significant amount each day but I get to eat whatever I want. 

[quote user="A-D"]


In my experience, I've never met a "typical" type 1 - I'm pretty sure we're all extraordinary (and humble)... ;)

You are listening to your docs, educating yourself and reaching out - a wonderful formula for success - my way of sayin' - "relax - you've got this."




I was thinking the same thing!  I don't think I've ever met a Type 1 who felt they fit the "typical" profile.  What I've heard is that "most" diabetics diagnosed before the age of 40 have auto-immune disease, (Type 1).  That doesn't mean that you won't get it later in life, it just means that SO many people have Type 2 onset as they get older that their numbers overwhelm the T1 numbers.  I wonder what the age-curve looks like for the onset of Type 1 only...  I also wonder how many people who happen to be carrying a few extra pounds are mis-diagnosed as Type 2.  If 60% of the population is overweight, it makes sense that 60% of new Type 1's would be overweight, right?  And sadly, lots of doctors still equate Type 1 with the word "juvenile." 

But we are all special! ;0

Welcome Parrformance! 

I believe your thoughts are going in the right direction regarding your glycogen stores and losing steam during exercise.  I'd like to write a more specific response when I have more time, but what I can tell you for sure is that if I go low while riding my bike, it makes it extremely hard to continue riding, even after my blood sugar has come back up.  I like to run a little on the higher side before a long ride for that reason.  :)


Thanks Molly,  I believe that I want to take some cliff shot blocks or gel to get a quick boost during the ride, but I gues I am completly OCD about getting my A1c down, I don't want to go over my 70 carb limit in the evening, I do all my riding during the week after 4pm.  My regular doctor believed that I might be type1 as did the Registered Dietician here at work. It took some convincing to get the Endo (supposedly the best in the area) to run the test for the antibodies.  I was only a few pounds overweight, and already eating well, not great but not bad at all.  So far I have really increased my vegetables and fruits and reduced porton sizes dramatically.  I have lost 26 lbs so far and the wife thinks I have already lost to much.  I weight 159 now, I am 5' 9" with a large frame.   I want to be as close to perfect with my next A1c as I can get, around 5.5-6.  Dos anyone know what your average bloodsugars have to be to reach a sub 6 A1c number  I have been running below 115 2 hours after dinner and below 90 in the morning?  Last night was 91, this morning was bicentenial 76:).

You can google a1c carb counter or something like that and there will be plenty of sites to choose from. I lost 38lbs and my wife said the same thing. I am just shy of 6' and weigh 179, but that seems to be the end for me. I have been around that same weight for close to 6 months.

I have been away from the computer for a wek or so on spring break, so it was good to here from you when I got back.  I am feeling well, my wheight loss is slowing down, only lost two pounds this last week.  My stamina is improving and I do feel great my bs is less than 90 every morning and less than 110 after evening meals.  I still hate the idea of taking "meds" everyday and want to ask the Endo if I can quit at my next doctor appointment April 27th.

I am down to 144lbs now, but I did have a great A1C last week of 6%.  I am real happy about this and am hoping I can keep it up.  The Endo wants me to try another med that may/could help protect the remaining Beta cells in my pancreas as well as keep my after meal bs at a more reasonable number.