Looking for T1D friends to talk to

Hi, my name is Callie! I’m not completely sure how this website works! I was recently diagnosed with diabetes two months ago and I’m looking for people to communicate with:) If anyone would like to talk my snapchat is calliecookies and my instagram is callie_cookies !

Hi Callie @Calliecookies, Welcome to TypeOneNation!
This site is for persons with TypeOne diabetes [PWD] to meet and share their experiences with T1D, to ask questions, share experiences, rant & moan, and just be with others who share our diabetes condition. Also for caregivers of PWD. For the most part, people sharing here are not medical professionals but rather people like me offering experiences - both positive and negative - of what we have learned while trying to manage our own diabetes.

I don’t currently use snapchat but I do have more than 60 years managing diabetes. Seeing your picture I see you are a tender age and not an oldtimer like me so I think you would be much more comfortable chatting with some of the many teens & 20’s who often appear here. Do feel comfortable asking [me] anything about diabetes, you are just beginning on your journey and will want suggestions from-time-to time.

Hi Callie. My name is Chloe and I’m 14. I was diagnosed back in 2015 and would be glad to talk. My Instagram is girl_with_t1diabetes so feel free to message me. :yum:

Hi Callie!
My name is Rebecca and I have had T1D for 15 years! I hope you are adjusting to diabetes well. I’m here to talk any time!

Hi my names christina I have been diagnosed with t1d for two years now I would be happy to talk to u

Hey Callie.
My name is Eli and I have had t1d for about 6 years and I’m almost 18. I don’t have either of the social media things that you have but I am on here sometimds.