Looking for TD1 experienced babysitters

I’m looking for reliable babysitters or nannies that can be hired for a date night or even overnight who are experienced or trained for glucose testing/insulin drawing to watch my 2 1/2 yr old son. He gets injections. Anyone know where I can find one? I live in Orange County, California. I’ve been finding it difficult to find anyone with this specific training.

We have had trouble with this too. Most people have no idea or don’t want the responsibly of medical care. I’ve had the best luck with training people myself. We knew a young woman who we trusted and invited her to a training in our home. About 7 people have attended so far including family, friend’s parents, and teachers. After her training we did a few “practice sessions” where she was in charge while I was still home. I do pay a little extra for this child care but it is well worth it.

I have a prezi cloud based power point type training with printable manuals that follow it with things like cheat sheet flow charts, reminders, contacts etc. I would be happy to make that available to you and help you tailor it to your child if you are interested. T1 mamas gotta stick together.

Hi! You can try http://www.safesittings.com/ It links parents with T1D kids and T1D babysitters.

I live in NYC and have T1D and am babysitting for a family with 2 year old girl with type 1. I was connected with the family through that website. Hope that helps!

Thank you! I’m checking out that website right now but it looks fantastic!

Hello –

I’m a 49 year old man with Tyoe 1D since 1993. Although I now use a pump, my initial training was in injection method of insulin delivery.

I live in the Los Angeles area just outside downtown LA. I would be willing to travel to your home in OC and sit with your son.

Please, call me at (213) 440-4140 any time between 12 noon and 12 midnight. If anyone in the LA area is reading this and needs a T1D sitter, please phone me as well.

Take good care,


P.S. I have nieces and nephews that I have watched when their parents needed a break.

Hello –

This is Antonio Dominion again; some how the system created 2 accounts for me. You should reply to THIS POST, and it will go to the correct email.



Hello –

It is me, Antonio, again. I forgot to mention something that is very important in you choosing me as a baby sitter.

I am a trained First Responder / EMT-1, so I am also great at health and first aid issues, should an emergency arise while I am baby sitting for someone.

Take good care and please do call me at (213) 440-4140.


When my son was about 8 years old, I began to need an occasional night time sitter for my son who has T1. I contacted Safe Sittings, and found a young college student here in my area (Chas. SC) who ALSO had T1. It was a perfect match! She was a great sitter for my son and his brother, and I felt so confident leaving him with someone who really knows all about T1 and how to handle emergencies and administer insulin…Try Safe sittings…it’s great! (As in any case of using a new person for a sitter, PLEASE check them out and go with your gut feeling. Keep our kids safe!!) Good luck!!