Looking for watch outs/ helpful hints on manageing changing BG during pregnancy

Hi all!  I'm 5 months pregnant and things are going pretty well so far (despite my recent post on Anyone else find this experience frustrating?). Anyway, I've been noticing some changes in BG's so thought I'd see if anyone else experienced the same things and had any advice.

  1. Starting at about 4 months I noticed that although my BG would be good about 1.5 hours after I ate (below 100 and sometimes low to the point where I needed to have a little juice) they would be high at the 2-3 hour mark.  This is most noticeable at dinner, but I'm also noticing it a bit more after lunch now.  My Endo said it is b/c my digestive system is slowing down and suggested I start using either the dual wave or square wave bolus feature on my pump for lunch and dinner.  This seems to be helping, but I'm still struggling a bit.  Have other people experienced this?  If so, what worked for you (ie dual vs square wave, how long did you set it for)?  Also, just a note... pre-pregnancy I generally needed to take my insulin ~30 minutes before I ate to avoid an immediate post meal high, so this is completely different than what I'm used to.  Also, I'm trying to keep my meals to less than 45 carbs and several times I've kept it to 25 at dinner with no success in avoiding those post meal highs.
  2. I'm also wondering if a change in my evening basal may be part of the problem.  Did anyone notice any pattern at certain times in their pregnancy where certain times of day your basal needed to be adjusted for no apparent reason?  I noticed this in my 1st trimester with my mornings only (I had to chang my 7am-10am basal from 1.0 to 1.35 almost immediatly). 
  3. I keep reading that my insulin requirements will be triple what they started in the 1st trimester (I'm currently only using 2-4 more units per day... pre-pregnancy I was at ~ 31 units per day).  I'm curious if this is what others experienced and if you have any advice and/or watch outs on how best to manage.  Did you notice similar % increases in your basal and bolus, or did one change more thatn the other?  Did it really all happen once you hit the 3rd trimester, or was it more gradual?

I'm just curious what I can learn from people who have been there before!!  Looking forward to hearing from you.


ps --> I have had diabetes for 16 years, am 34 years old, and pregnant with my 1st child!  I've been on the minimed pump for a little over 3 years and started using the CGM shortly after I found out I was pregnant.  My A1C's have been in the 6's consistently since I've been on the pump.