Looking into a pump im very athletic

hey everyone i was wondering if i should get a pump to make things easier cause i dolots of sports i do cross counry gymnastics and other sports here and there i run lots of 5ks with my friends, but now being recently diagnosed im not sure what to do what would be the best pump do you think ?

Pumps make dosing for sports easier because they only use short acting insulin, so you don’t have any Lantus or other long acting insulin causing highs and lows. But having to wear a pump can get in the way.

The traditional pumps have a tube that connects from where it attaches to your body to the pump. The advantage with these is that you can disconnect from it when competing, which keeps your blood sugar from dropping and also keeps the pump from getting in your way. Probably the 2 most popular right now are Medtronic Minimed and tSlim.

But I was surprised a few years back when talking to a high school girl in my town who did competetive cheerleading because she said Omnipod was best. It is the pump without tubing that attaches to your skin. You can get a free sample to try at www.omnipod.com. I thought it was big and bulky but she said it stayed on and didn’t get in her way.

I did high school cheerleading while wearing a Minimed pump (with tubing) without issues. I used to take it off for competitions but otherwise just kept it clipped on to the waistband of my skirt. This past fall I ran a 5K while wearing my pump with no issues either. Running shouldn’t be a problem–I would be more concerned about any contact sports you are doing (such as competitive cheerleading). You should probably also disconnect for gymnastics because I could imagine the pump coming undone as you twist and flip.

I’ve never used Omnipod but I’ve read some posts in the DOC where people had issues with it administering insulin when it wasn’t supposed to. I wouldn’t want to take that chance personally.