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Not sure if I posted in the correct category.
My husband passed who was diabetic. I have unused boxes of Dexcom G5 mobile/G4 platinum sensors. Each box should have 4 sensors each inside.

Unfortunately they all have expired dates on the boxes, but are they still usable??
Here is what I have:
1 box with exp date of 9/26/17
1 box with exp date of 5/11/18
3 boxes with exp date of 9/18/18
1 box with exp date of 10/29/19
3 boxes with exp date of 3/10/20

I know these are expensive, but if they are truly unusable I will toss them. I am not diabetic, so I do not know if the expiration dates are ‘suggestions’?
If interested I only ask that the shipping charges are covered.

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Hi @Mjmelmaj welcome to the TypeOneNation forum. It’s really nice if you to think about us. I am very sorry about the loss of your husband and I hope you are doing ok. Yes you posted this in the right spot. Also, it’s very likely that the newer sensors are fine. When someone replies you should get an email if your account is set to notify you. Otherwise you’ll have to check in once in a while.

Thank you again for your kind thoughts.

I’m so sorry for your loss ,

My daughter could use them ive tried to reach out to others that are giving away but they didn’t get back to me I would love if my daughter could be considered she is 8 and on the g5 expired is fine .

Here is my email since I cant message


Well I will reply! I was set to toss these, but I just couldn’t! If you send me your address I will send them to you for the cost of shipping, but not until this Fri when I get back home. Since the post I found another box. My email is mjmelmaj@gmail.com so you dont publicly post your address. By chance are you in Southern California?