Looking to start babysitting. How did you get started?

So how did you get started babysitting? by putting flyers in neighbors mailboxees or something? posting your availability somewhere? I'd like to start since there's a couple of families with little kids down by my street..

I started babysitting for teachers at school then i made flyers and gave them to people at church and things like that

This was a million years ago, but I babysat for my people my parents worked with.  Then those families recommended me to others.  

Don't be shy about letting any parents you know through church, friends, etc. know you're interested in babysitting.  I'm a parent now and me and other parents I know are always trying to find babysitters,

I actually started at the playground - I went there to play with my then-three-year-old brother and therefore met some other little kids ended up getting practically the entire playground involved in a game of tag (me chasing all of them). Some of the parents noticed me playing and asked my parents if I babysat. From there, they just told others. Also, there is a little corner store in my neighborhood and I gave the owner my name and number to give out to anyone who asked about babysitting (since people tend to get into long conversations with her).

Best of luck!

I got started by playing with peoples kids at church when they were waiting around. they would see the kids having fun and the conversation would go something like the one below.

Mom of kids: i'm sorry but i didn't catch your name.

Me: Mercedes

Mom of kids: that's a nice name. how old are you?

Me: 15

(later when they have to leave)

Mom of kids: well it was nice meeting you.

Me: you too.

Kids: Mommy I want her to come to our house to play.

Mom of kids: well maybe she can come over sometime. Bye now.

And then I usually get the phone call later asking to babysit and from there they give me as a referral to other families.