Looking too start a blog

Hey guys,

I am looking to start writing a blog, any ideas on where I would do this. Looking for something free and pretty simple. Thanks for the help!



blogspot.com is what i use, was free and pretty easy to get started. After that then it's the long wait for views and followers and such. Just do what you do and those who like it will follow.



i also use blogspot (http://cslifewithd.blogspot.com). it's really easy to use - as someone with little technical abilities, i was able to figure it out on my own. 

when it comes to looking for topics, i just read some other d-blogs and put my own spin on the topic. unless of course there's something on my mind i really feel i need to talk about - then i'll use that as a topic. it kind of seems like once the ideas start flowing you don't run out of topics too often :o)


here are some really excellent blogs for you to check out:






Yep. Blog Spot is super easy. I just started using it myself. I blogged on here for quite a while and I transerred some of my posts to blogspot to get me started over there. I'm not "popular", but I don't care.  ;-)

Hi Josh,

You can start a blog right here on Juvenation by clicking on the Blog tab (it's free and a great way to get a lot of followers quickly!), if you have questions you can click the support tab or always PM me.



you should totally start a blog! i started one not very long ago, and it's been very therapeutic for me. plus, it's a great way to interact with people.

i use blogger too, and it's super-easy to figure out.

be sure to let us know if you do start one. i'm kinda addicted to d-blogs. it's a problem... ;)