I’ve heard about looping for several yrs but always felt inadequate 2 make my own syst. I’ve been on the different looping sites but when I start reading, I get intimidated and stop. How do others successfully make their systs, and is there someone who could do it 4 me? Would appreciate any comments.

If you haven’t already, request to join the Looped group on Facebook. Read the LoopDoc, https://loopkit.github.io/loopdocs/. The LoopDoc is a “cookbook” for making Loop. If you can follow a recipe, you can build Loop. The worst part for me was having to buy and learn an Apple computer. The Mac Mini is not super expensive. It’s not likely someone would build it for you, because of the potential legal liability if you screw up using it. If you’re not comfortable with technology, then Tandem insulin pump with Dexcom G6 is probably a better path for you. Good luck!

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it is very overwhelming at first, but it is laid out very nice and once you have it all in front of you it goes smooth!!! i have been looping with omnipod for a three pods now… i had built the app and had it setup waiting on the green light for the software to be released as a test branch… it is awesome and works very well if you numbers are set up correctly, ie your isf, carb/r and insulin time

things you have to have
a rileylink and they are different for medrotics and omnipod
a mac computer or vm machine with mac software
a apple phone
a developer account for apple which is $99 a year unless you are ok with rebuilding the app every 7 days
set up a nightscout account
a dexcom cgm

@mikefarley, wise and brilliant advice Mike.
Thanks for all you informed posts.

Do I absolutely have to use iOS? I use all Android and occasionally a PC and there’s no way I could afford or want 2 switch. So am I out of luck before even starting?

Loop is IOS-only. You can possibly build the app on a PC using a virtual Mac, but the app will run only on an iPhone. There are Android OpenAPS solutions, but they seem to me to be clunkier and require even more technical expertise. Loop is seeking FDA approval as Tidepool Loop, but still IOS only for now.