So I have heard about this thing called loops but what is it? And how does it work? What all do I have to buy and download to get this?

@brynnrenee05 hi. In my opinion, @mikefarley has a lot of information.

The loop kit “LoopKit” is a set of tools allowing you to create your own feedback using CGM for blood sugar and certain pumps which can be modified to increase or decrease insulin delivery. The only commercial pump available in this configuration today is the Medtronic 670. Apparently, if you want to and are able, you can build your own. You need a pump that is compatible, a CGM that is compatible, and iOS devices iPhone/Mac.

While the idea seems intriguing, I have not looked at this other than at a very high level.


Good luck.

@brynnrenee05 Loop is very well documented at https://loopkit.github.io/loopdocs/

@joe, I have not researched as to why the Tandem t:slim/Dexcom combo does not also have the same designation as the Medtronic 670G. It has a better feature set and better sensors. BTW, Medtronic recently announced it would introduce a 780 G in 2020 with a feature set similar to t:slim.

@brynnrenee05 I should have mentioned in my earlier response… if you look at LoopDocs and are still interested, you should request to join the Looped group on FaceBook and check out its pinned posts.