Losing Control!

Over probably the last 3 months my blood sugers have been really high all the time,somtimes i cant even stand taking my blood suger test, and every thing just all the sudden got difficult.My brother jokes around saying im the worst diabetic out there but in the back of my head i wounder if i am.So just woundering if any one has went through this before and if they have any type of  advice.

My blood sugars started to spike up and go all to hell when I began puberty.  They also do that at certain times of the year, or if I'm in a different mood/mindset than normal, especially excited, depressed, or nervous.  Since you were diagnosed two years ago, it might be that you're just fully coming out of that honeymoon phase now, but I don't know very much about how that works (I was diagnosed at age 4 so my parents took care of it then).

The best thing you can do is to change either your overall insulin or meal rate higher to compensate for your new trend.  You should talk to your doctor if you don't normally make those changes yourself or if you can't figure out how/what to change.  It can also be very helpful to exercise more than you currently are - that always helps me get my numbers down, and makes everything easier to control.

It's not that you're a "bad diabetic," and don't let anybody tell you that you're "brittle" or something stupid.  Everybody goes through problems.  Control is hard, especially as a teenager.  My doctor keeps saying that it gets a lot easier to manage once you're around your twenties, because the rest of your hormones cool down and you stop growing.  I'm still waiting on that one, but I hope so.

Hang in there,


It has been about 2 years since you were diagnosed right? Sorry to say this man, but you have just left your honey moon period. We all miss it :s  You should call your doctor as soon as possible and work on a new insulin dose, the sooner the better. Tell your bother to lay off, that this is a normal occurrence, that you aren't a bad diabetic.
Read Mad Evans's post. He give a classical example of this change. On the 1st page of the thread he talks about how low his insulin needs are. On the 3rd he shares with us how his insulin needs have changed now that he left his honeymoon. http://juvenation.org/forums/t/455.aspx?PageIndex=3

Your an ok guy and you are not loosing control, your insulin needs have just changes. So remember you will have to readjust your insulin doses from time to time for the rest of your life.

Well first of all, what kind of blood sugars are we talking about? See I have had diabetes since I was 3 almost 4 and I have had some CRAZY numbers. I have had to go through childhood and teenhood with it so its crazy. The numbers you have may not be that bad compared to what some of us have had. Some high numbers are normal for figureing it it all out, but some are very bad for you. So what kind of numbers are we talking about here?

Hey man, how are those highs?

I'm going through the same exact thing. I hate taking my sugar because I know it's gonna be high. I get dissapointed and aggrivated too. I mostly get aggrivated because I won't eat anything and my sugar will be like 300 and I don't know why. All i'm doing about it is bumping up my basal rate on my pump. My total of my basal rates was 6.50 and now it is like 15.45. So I've had to increase my dose alot.

im going through that right now! i just dont wanted anything to do with it and i've kinda let it slip away. im realizing now that i can't do that in the long run because it will affect me when im older so my best advice is to think of your future

I have highs a lot too.  I was only diagnosed 2 years ago, so I think it just that I don't know my carb values and ratios well enough. 

Do you guys have any recommendations on how to make sure my basal and bolus rates on my pump are right?  And how do you guess how many carbs are in something that someone makes for you?  I feel rude not eating dinner when my Dad makes it, but he doesn't know how much fat or carbs he put into stir fry!

I think I've finally gotten my sugars under control. My basal rate used to be 5.65 and now it's16.65 total. I wanted to give up and just let my sugars go but then I thought all the things my grandfather went through because of diabetes. He has had a total of 5 strokes and can't walk for the rest of his life. His sugars were so high at the time of the strokes that his meter said call doctor. When I think about him I realize what can really and truely happen to me. It just makes me want to fight harder. I'm in this game for two things, Me and Him. He is in a nursing home until he dies. Everyday I'm afraid that my dad will get the call that one call that could end a life.

Hey Ethan.

This past summer, I went through the same exact thing. It's like I was tired of having to deal with it, so I just ignored it. I didn't take care of myself, wasn't eating "right" and not checking my blood sugars. I got really really sick and had to go to the hospital for DKA. I got yelled at by sooo many doctors, it sucked! But, I've talked to a lot of people who have diabetes, and they say it's something that you just go through. So you aren't the only one who has done this, and I'm sure you aren't the worst diabetic out there haha because others have done the same thing! I hope this helped!


I am 25 years old, and I have had diabetes since I was two. Let me tell you, and a teenage male, what you are going through is normal. I still have periods where I feel like I am not doing anything right, and I get so frustrated with high numbers. I sometimes dread going to the doctor....I feel like everyone is looking down on me, but when my numbers go high, I try not to concentrate on getting back to normal. For example, if my blood sugar is up in the 300s, then I start to shoot for the 200s, then work my way down. I find it easier that way than shooting for perfect all the time! My biggest problem was always my appetitie, and when I was your age, I didn't have my pump, so that made my life difficult! Just hang in there, it will get easier!

Have battled for good control my whole life.  And I do mean BATTLED.  It is not unusual for me to have periods of extremely high levels.  (Goind thru a period like that right now)  I once had a diabetes educator tell me that having T1 is like juggling with 10 balls but you can only see 4.  Cut yourself some slack.  Stressing yourself out because you think you are not doing enough just makes the situation worse.  Take your BS, take insulin accordingly and just go with the flow.  That's all you can do honey.

I'm not losing control... no that was lost a long time ago. I'm 14, 15 in February, and my diabetes has practically reached the point of no return. Just try your hardest so you don't end up like me. My BG's are running consistantly high, sometimes unreadable by my checker, and it reads to 600. I'm very lost right now, and battling through it. But the only support I'm getting is, "Knock it off! Or you'll lose your feet and eyeballs!" No joke.

Poor Anna!!!! I am older, but went through the same thing at about your age. HORMONES are probably the culprit. What my doctors never told me but I discovered on my own by reading lots of info on type 1 diabetes is that women and especially teen girls produce some hormones that have the side effect of making us more insulin resistant. When those hormone levels are high, many girls and women just can't take enough insulin for the levels to lower. The insulin just isn't effective when these hormones are in high levels. Really, when this happens (some girls find that it is only a severe problem for a few days about once a month instead of all the time), about all you can do is to take as much corrective insulin as needed and to eat a low-carb diet at those times to try to help your body as much as possible. But you do need to watch out in case the hormones dissipate at times and leave you hypo.

Truly, this message is to ALL of the young women in this forum: it DOES get better as you get older. It really DOES. So hang in there, test often and try to adjust with extra insulin when you see the numbers staying high, and opt for low-carb meals until they stabilize. Other than that, don't feel guilty about the numbers. They are what they are and they are like this for all females when certain hormones are high. As you mature, things will settle down, I promise you. I have been there, done that.