Losing Juvenation Friends

This isnt really anything much but i just needed to vent. I feel like im losing all my juvenation friends... the friends who understand everything i feel. I feel alone lately and i hate it. Ive never been the same since alyssa left and now im really not the same without seb and lots of you other juvenation friends.

Talk to me ... request me.... get to know me....

I dnt wanna be alone in diabetes and even tho im not it feels like it without friends who understand.

Thanks for reading and lettting me vent.

<3 amber

If by understanding, you mean all the fun(LOL) stuff. Going low, other people not knowing what it's like to have to think about almost everything you do and how it affects your bs, etc... One big difference between you and me is, I am a 53 year old man(Daddy and soon to be Grandpa) who was dx'ed aug./08. Kind of a freak of nature, Huh?? Because I am a Daddy I would feel better if you asked me to be your friend and I will be if you asked. I miss Alyssa too, she was one of my first friends.      


What do you mean? How are you losing your friends? You have about 8300 friends here! 



Amber,my wish for you is that you never feel alone with d.Juvenation is full of teens.I know they come and go but I would bet most will come back.You can always reach out and send more friend request.New teens join here all the time.What ever you feel-I am sure someone on here could relate to it.Maybe they are working their way though it at this time....And remember your parents-they love you and they will help you with anything in life---just talk to them.Let them help..Best Wishes to you  :)

Hi Amber

I have a 4 year old son with diabetes.  He's had diabetes since last May.  I don't know what it is like to be him, but I know all about him and I always want to be close to him and help him in his life - with diabetes and whatever else I can help him with.  I know things will be challenging when he gets older, but I will be there.  I'm sure you have people who feel the same way about you.  And there are a lot of people here at juvenation I see that care and are great resources!  Chin up and know that you are definitely NOT alone!!


I know how it feels to experience isolation. I don't know anyone around here who has a clue about T1. My SO has a bit of a clue...thank goodness. In SC, no one...NO one else does. They certainly think they do and it doesn't stop them from sharing.

I hope the losing friends thing is people leaving (not that this is good either) and not people deleting. I think deleting is an aggressive act. If this is the case, hang in there because there are mature people who care and have T1 life experience as well on here. I have met many of them!

I remember what it was like being a teen T1--not easy. I sometimes think that isolation should be one of the diagnostic criteria for T1. That is, until I went on here. Man...this site is a real blessing. Don't let it get you down. You matter.

I am always here for you Amber. i also really miss Alyssa, words cant describe it. She was a one of a kind person.

[quote user="Gina"]


What do you mean? How are you losing your friends? You have about 8300 friends here! 




Venturing a guess here but I think she means the inactivity of certain members she grew accustomed to conversing with.  Messageboards are like that.  They have peaks and valleys.  People break from them because sometimes they can be too engrossing or become stagnant.  I've done it.  I've been doing messageboards for close to ten years now.  If you are feeling a little lost, befriend others or maybe step back for a little bit yourself.  Come back refreshed.  It does help.

I just found this board and am happy because I haven't had the chance to converse with other people like this since I went to a horrible diabetic camp when I was like 10 years old. But Joe is right about forums, it's just how it goes. I basically go to one gaming and one sports board, not including this one.

Amber, you'll never 'run out' of friends on here. We are all here because we have diabetes and we understand what each everyone else is going through having all been through something similar if not exactly the same.

Sometimes people come and go from forums like Joe and Travis said because of other life things getting in the way or they just get sick of it and need to take a break and go do stuff in the non-digital world. If you end up talking with people on here and getting to know them, you can always find them on Facebook or whatever social networking tool they're using and stay in touch that way.

There are other ways to stay in touch :)

Ive noticed that a lot of people are leaving juvenation. I didn't really know alyssa, but i miss her!

Like alot of people are leaving! I miss them! :(