Losing weight?

What is the easiest way to lose weight with type 1 diabetes?

Hi Brynn @brynnrenee05, I’m probably not the best person to answer this because I would like to gain a few pounds - five more pounds are very elusive for me - and that is after living with diabetes [and insulin] for 60+ years.

Keep in mind that insulin is a “growth hormone” and in itself could cause you to gain weight. So, to loose weight you may, and be sure to get your physicians advice, attempt to take less insulin and make adjustments in your usual food intake - a registered dietitian with diabetes expertise could assist you.
When I say reduce your insulin intake, I’m assuming that you have accurate meal-time bolus ratios that care current for your body at the different times of day. Use those bolus ratios and carefully count the meal carbohydrates. Doing this may help you avoid the need to eat some additional carbohydrates between meals to avoid hypoglycemia - low body glucose levels. It will take effort and lots of willpower.

Good luck to you.

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Brynn, I gained weight in the 1990s 50 years after my diagnosis. My doctor diagnosed insulin resistance (IR). I kept gaining weight even though I was eating much less, and taking less insulin. IR has been diagnosed with many type 1 people. It is a type 2 characteristic, but type 1 people can have it. If you have any type 2 relatives, and you gain weight, IR can result.
I used Metformin for seven years, and lost the weight. I don’t need Metformin now, but I am averaging only 130 carbs per day, and exercising on a regular basis. If I don’t gain weight again, my IR is kept under control.

Look up the keto diet. Less processed carbs more healthy fat. Without carbs to burn, your body will burn fat. Pair this with cardio and wt training… i have yet to stay committed to this lol but there is science behind it and an endo recommend this diet to me.

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