Loss of injection locations..anyone else

Did/has anyone else lost the number of sites they can do injections/insert pump sites?

I’m 28w and I officially can no longer use my thighs for injections. I lost the ability to use my stomach for injections around 7w…though that was probably just more fear than the baby bump I already had.

My Levemir shots are now 32u/AM and 46u/PM and I was using my thighs because the shots were so massive and I have more fat there than my arms but I was getting those bumps and I was worried it wasn’t being absorbed. My endo suggested splitting each dose into two injections instead of one large one. So I started doing that last week but I was still getting bumps on my thighs at the injection site so I started using my arms for ALL my injections, not just my meal doses.

So far so good…but I just did an injection in my thigh for my lunch, because I thought “hey maybe it’ll work out this time” and I still got a bump!

So now I’m officially only able to use my arms…but I’m worried since I’m injecting 7 shots a day minimum into my arm that I’ll develop the same issue as my thighs. :S Pre-pregnancy I only used my stomach and thigh, rarely my arms.

Anyone else having or had this problem? Any suggestions? I know you can use your butt for injections but I’m massive and was already having a hard time with my thighs.

I haven’t had any bumps or anything as yet. But oddly enough my pump sites DO NOT last as long as they used to. They don’t get infected or anything, they look normal, and feel no different but my BGs start rising after two days instead of the usual 3-4 days and as soon as I switch my site the BGs seem to go back to normal. I am just starting to hit some resistence (or so I think, but maybe it is my pump sites not working as well… not sure yet). I am curious to see what others’ experiences are in terms of insulin absorption as insulin needs increase.
Hopefully your arms can hold out until your little one gets here. (Fingers Crossed)

I would be interested to know if it’s an absorption issue as well!

I found it was a HUGE difference when I switched from using my thighs to my arms for my Levemir shots; I went from waking up 3x a night to test and do a correction dose (even though I was taking 44u at the time before bed) to suddenly not having to correct at all during the night (I still wake up though to check) when I split it into two shots and started taking that 44u in my arm!

I’ve got 2.5 months til my due date…so yeah fingers crossed! lol

I’m only 16 weeks and wear a pump, so I can’t help with the shots issue. I have my pump site in my belly right now and it’s working fine. Maybe once my belly gets bigger and the skin tighter I might not be able to use it, but until it stops working for me I’ll keep it up (along with rotating to hips, arms, thighs, butt, etc).

@Perk although it hasn’t happened to me yet, I have heard of pregnant women having to change their pump sites due to absorption issues after 2 days instead of the usual 3-4. If you still have insulin in the reservoir you can just change the infusion set and then refill the reservoir when the time comes so you don’t waste insulin or supplies.