Loss of Motivation

I've been very unmotivated to take care of myself lately.  I'll go through periods where I'm so on top of everything.  I'm testing 7 times a day, wearing my sensor, bolusing for EVERYTHING, attending all my appointments and getting things taken care of.

Then suddenly this feeling of apathy worms itself into my subconscious and I miss an appointment...then I miss another.  Then I don't test all day.  Then I forget to take my thyroid pill.  Before you know it I'm exhausted and feel like crap, and the task of getting back on track seems too big to even start.  I'm on the road to that place right now and I'm trying to pull myself out of it but I'm having a very hard time doing that.

Coming on here definitely helps because reading posts about BG readings always reminds me to test lol.  Anyway, any words of wisdom to help me get back to my happy place?


Hang in there Molly! If you're feeling overwhelmed, maybe a few days of testing 4 times a day rather than 7 could give you a break, unless you're low or something...

You can do it!!!!!! You are so worth it!!!!! We want to see you here!!!!

we all have days or weeks like that. i've been like that lately..not bothering to bolus for meals til after i've eaten..just so i dont have to get up from the table to go the washroom cuz i can't at the table, etc. my final "shove" to get back on track was when i noticed how many readings above 20 i had this weekend, and how i felt like crap. i dont have any words on wisdom, but just know that you're not alone!! happens to us all at some point!

Hey! I know what you're going through! The same thing happens to me. I found that simplifying it helps. Like work on testing before every meal (put your meter by the fridge) and then start increasing it slowly. Also I have to put my Thyroid pill by my keys or else I'll forget to take it! Having a bottle of water right next to it helps too. If everything you need is there it makes it easy to do.

Diabetes is always a constant struggle, just be patient and don't give up. (:

You've gotten some good advice here already... please know we're all here and cheering for you!  :)

I think we all know how you're feeling!! Some days are definitely harder than others to make yourself test, take medicine, take shots/bolus, etc. Whenever I have days like that, I try to think about how much better I feel when my blood sugars are in a safe range...I feel so grumpy and sluggish when my blood sugars are high, and I hate that feeling and try to avoid it as much as I can.....hope you have a wonderful day!

I know exactly how you feel.  I had a bad week last week.  Sometimes you just feel like why can't someone else just take care of me, because I'm tired of doing it!  It definitely gets exhausting, but then we come out of it and realize that this is just what we have to do, like it or not.  But you are definitely not alone on that one, take care of yourself so that you can help another diabetic not feeling "up to it" and maybe you'll get them through some tough times.  We all need support and we are all here for each other!

Thanks guys. :)  I'm going to try and make an effort to login to Juvenation more.  I swear I have T1D on the brain when I come here often, and it reminds me to take care of myself.  I guess I probably still go through periods of denial...not like "I can't believe I have this", but more like "I don't have the energy to deal with this so I'm just not going to."  Ah well, all I can do is keep trying...

Thanks again,