Lost Focus

Hello everyone,

I am a mum of 2 absolutely gorgeous girls aged 2 year and 7 months! I managed to keep my control good during pregnancy but since my youngest was born I completely took my eye off the ball with my diabetes! Mainly being busy looking after them …… they are good girls and not hard work but just keep me busy :slight_smile:

I have just developed a nerve palsy in my right eye causing terrible double vision which is linked to diabetes! Absolutely terrified of the future and need any hints and tips from parents with diabetes to keep me on track!

Thanks all x

I know how you feel! My son just turned one and I feel like I haven’t been as good about taking care of myself since he was born. I don’t know anything about that eye condition, but I did develop some eye problems in the beginning of pregnancy that completely disappeared after keeping my A1C in the 5 range during pregnancy. Maybe your eye can improve with tighter control?

I can totally understand. I have two living children: Gus (4.5y) and Lucy (5m). My control during both pregnancies was great/good, but my control after Lucy is much worse than my control after Gus. Focusing on two kids plus diabetes is a lot harder than focusing on one plus diabetes. I just recently went almost 2 days without a single bolus, not good. I realized that as a SAHM, I couldn’t take the risk of going low all the time when I was at home with two kids. Luckily, my CDE understood that, didn’t worry about correcting the highs yet, and focused on correcting the lows so that I could begin feeling comfortable taking insulin. As for testing, I just plain forget so many times. I haven’t figured out a great way to set reminders for myself, so it’s going to be trial and error for a bit until I find something that works. My goal right now is to get my kitchen table cleared off so that I can more readily see my test stuff and remember to test.

Thankfully my eye will get better with time over weeks or months - but definitely a warning to look after myself!

It’s a relief to hear I’m not the only mummy struggling to focus on diabetes - I like the idea of leaving my testing stuff in a visible place in the house! Can agree with being scared of hypos! I found I tend to snack a lot - grabbing a bite to eat when I can and then rush off and forget to do my injection!!

I have just started setting alarms on my phone to remind myself to check my sugars, do my injections and eat proper meals - seems to be doing well over the last 48 hours! I am eating at the same time as the girls as well which means less running off!

Thank you for your help - if you have any more ideas for balancing being a mummy and diabetic I would love to hear it! If I think of anymore I will share with you as well!

Best wishes x