Lost of Motivation or something like that

Well yea since like 2 or 3 weeks ago I went on summer break, I worked for a high school so since school ended for them I have no job and my classes finished a week after that....so since then i haven't been checking my blood sugars, taking the right amount of insulin and waking up high in the morning dehydrated.....but I think it just got worse from what it once was over the months...I use to weigh 255 back in January around the time i got my braces, then  i noticed i started losing weight I just thought it was the braces i went from 255 to 235 in march... well i thought that was great ...everyone was like "look at him..maybe i should get braces" so i continued my bad habits and until recently they got worse aka the description above...i went for a physical 2 days ago and i weight 218....I also havent seen my endo since jan....so my question is...has any1 got thru this and how have you gotten thru it and changed for the better

Hey Isaac,

I went through my teen years with the attitude of "If I feel okay, I must be okay"...  not really testing, not really worrying about my diabetes at all...  BUT...

It all caught up with me in my 30's, about 8 years ago, I developed Diabetic Retinopathy.  I was so far advanced that they couldn't treat it with laser surgery.  I ended up having four "real" surgeries on my eyes, two on each.  Each time, there was no guarantee that I was going to come out of it with my eyesight...  I WAS SCARED!!! Luckily, I got through it and I now have my sight, although it is greatly diminished.   After that ordeal, I finally realized that I needed to take care of myself a heck of a lot better than I was doing.  I owed it to... well... myself.

I know it's not easy (trust me, I know!!!), but it's worth it.  Take it step by step, little by little, but, as the old NIKE slogan goes, "JUST DO IT!"

I really, truly wish you all the best!

I'm a skinny married 42-year old man, had t1 since I was 14. My last h1c was 6.2, a month ago. Even when I get depressed, I have strong physical goals. I think my vanity is my main motivator for exercising and testing. In the back of my mind I have a celebrity's body I'm trying to copy. For a decade I worked out in order to look like Keanu Reeves in the elevator shot in Speed. Didn't quite achieve it, but right now my resting heart rate is 47. Last year I decided to update my madness and get like Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes (mainly by tripling the amount of ab exercises I'm doing :)) You have to believe that like the bad guy says in the beginning of Enter the Dragon, You forge your body in the fire of your own will. This is esp true for us, since we have to overcome the challenge of figuring out the food/insulin combo that will support our workout perfectly. I used the fact that I was attracted to fit women to motivate me: I thought, I won't expect to be a couch potato and still have the advanced yogi who can walk across the room on her hands fall for me. It took about 4 years of exercising 5 days a week before I was relatively satisfied. 

If you're lucky enough to be able to use a gym, find someone who looks to be in excellent shape and see what time/settings they have on the treadmill or stairmaster. Then make that part of your initial goal. Expect that if you're starting from scratch it will take a few years of gradually expanding your capability to achieve superb fitness. The rewards, in terms of health and well-being and social grace, are fantastic. 

Some tasks in life take a few hours, others a few days or weeks. Becoming and staying physically powerful and healthy is a lifelong project. Use your brain in a way that only humans can: I can predict the out come of certain behaviors, and I will myself to engage in those behaviors over the long term, despite the discouraging or challenging aspects of the activity, to accomplish a long-term goal. 

And I will test 4 times a day :)

Could you start small of you're too overwhelmed. It's hard to go from no control to great control all at once. My control was terrible in my early teens and over a period of about 10 years, I got better and better. Could you start by saying, I'll test every morning when I wake up, not matter how terrible I think the number will be. Then, I'll test each night before bed, etc. etc.

Hang in there! You have to try to keep your body in okay shape so you'll be ready for better treatment in future years.

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so since then i haven't been checking my blood sugars, taking the right amount of insulin and waking up high in the morning dehydrated....I also havent seen my endo since jan....so my question is...has any1 got thru this and how have you gotten thru it and changed for the better


depression is common with diabetes.  it can get to you the first week after diagnosis or 5 years after you were diagnosed.  most of the time there are symptoms, like not testing anymore, not taking insulin, weight loss, not feeling like it, not going to the doctors anymore....

so I was depressed and when I helped myslef I got better.  My control got better, my attitude got better, and my life got better too.  I had to get over myslef a little to go and see a psychiatrist, and go back to my doctors, but it was a good thing.   Nothing changed my mind really, I just got sick of being sick and decided to do something about it.

good luck Issac

Thanks everyone....now that i think of it...its not that hard i always saw as one big move not a bunch of little steps...hmm i hope things work out...and i have been thinking of seeing a shrink cause of this...but yea it seems its possible now...thanks :)

Now you've got it, Isaac!  Start small and just keep building on the good habits that you develop along the way!  And please, please feel free to consult us all here if you need any tips, suggestions, or even if you just want to vent your frustrations!  We're all here to help and we all need others' help once in a while too!  All the very best of luck!

Isaac, I am a mother of a T1 child. He is 6 years old and what you are experiencing is my biggest fear for him. I fear one day he will be overwhelmed with all the things he has to do to stay alive, but thats just it, you have to do it to stay alive! I dont personally know how it feels to have diabetes, but sometimes as a mother of a diabetic I feel like his pain is my pain. I feel like I go through all the frustrations with him. I hope you have a good family you can lean on, they will be your best help. Hang in there Isaac, start small, and take care of your body and your spirit.