Lost supplies

this one time when i was still on MDI (multiple daily injections) i was with my friend and friendly's restaurant... (there was this super cute waiter...but that's totally irrelavent)  and i did my diabetes thing right there at the table no biggie.  tested, injected, and proceeded to eat.

that night after dinner i got home and my bottle of insulin and a syringe was missing... i must have dropped it in friendly's. that's all i can think!  oh my goodness.  well my parents were hoarding all my diabetes supplies in preparation for some disaster or something so i had more insulin and all that, no big deal...

i just can't imagine what the person who found them must have thought!?!?

anyone else lose supplies in a public place?

Once I left an empty strips container on a restaurant table to throw away w/ other trash. The waiter came running out to the parking lot thinking I had left them. It was nice, but embarrassing!