Lots of things around diagnostics time

When I got diagnosed, it was hard, but other things made it worse! First we had moved, wich made me leave my friends behind. 2 weeks later, my grandfather died. Then 1 week later I was diognosed. It made everything worse. Did anyone else have things going around the time you were diognosed?

one of my sisters started a new school for dislexik kids. and it was the begining of the school year.

i was going to band camp at the time, but the director was really understanding.

Well, not too much was going on, but I was diagnosed on my sister's birthday. Also, I couldn't go on vacation that summer, because my mom was super paranoid.

I was just a bitty baby (14 months), so i never had to adjust or anything. I cant say whether anything was going on or not i dont remember :)

Thanks for sharing, its wierd how sometimes lots of other things happen when something REALLY bad happens. Or is it just that we get sensitive and everything seems bad... ?

That's crazy because i was diagnosed one week after my grandma passed away.

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That's crazy because i was diagnosed one week after my grandma passed away.


Whoa! That is crazy.... the same thing happened to the both of us... only that it was your grandma, and my grandpa...

when my symptoms got bad, i had just started competing in figure skating

When I was diagnosed, I had just moved from the St. Paul MN area to a small SD town of 900 people. I left everyone I knew behind. It was a week before Halloween. I was in third grade and my school let each class have a Halloween party. I began feeling very sick, and had to sit out for most of it, though I insisted on trick-or-treating with my mom and new friend that night. Let's just say my mom ended up carrying me home and I never got to eat my candy that year. I only remember a few minutes of the next day, and for the next few days I was in the ER, mostly uncounscious. I wonder if stress could trigger the pancreas failure... hmmm.


Well I'm glad I got to share with you!!!!