Love-Hate Bracelet Relationships :)

Hate them, love them, whatever: medical alert bracelets are still there, and should be worn every day. Mine is a love-hate relationship... sort of.

The hate? It does not bother me so much any more, but when I was first diagnosed with juvenile diabetes the idea of wearing a bracelet that literally alerted the world of it frustrated me. First off, I didn’t want people in my business (yes, I have continued to be asked ‘What does your bracelet say?’ and it is always a nerve-wracking answer). And second, who wants to wear a bracelet with everything?
I remember I asked my mom if I had to wear it to school. Yes.

[Eventually] to the prom? Yes.

[Even more eventually} when I get married? Yes.


Did anyone else feel frustrated by this? I was adamant at first that I did not want to wear a bracelet at my wedding or even at school. Quite frankly I thought it was lame. But then I learned what may happen when I don’tJ. I quickly got over it. (the love)

But I’m excited to hear what frustrated you guys.
Love-Hate Bracelet Relationships... that sounds weird ;)

I guess mine was always a hate relationship. I refused to get a bracelet, it was to obvious, a show, and left me open to questions and people I was not in the modd to deal with. I did get the necklace, for all the good it did me. If something happened, unless i happened to be naked or have my shirt off most people would not see it. If someone did see it, it was when I took it off for metal detectors and stuff like that. That always led to questions, which I avoided.

However, like you Alyssa, I have begun to realize the love part of it, it is something that people need to see and be aware of and not trying to hide. I mean I will never walk around with a big sign taped to my back that says diabetic or anything, but people should know. I finally broke down a few weeks back and decided I wanted to find a bracelet. I got it from, it is nice, simple, and has a leather band so it is less noticeable amng my watch or jdrf bracelet I wear. It arrived yesterday, so I have yet to do a "test drive" with it, but I am happy with it, and know it could one day save my life.

i hate wearing my  medical alert bracelet so i decided to get a medical alert tattoo. i don't have it yet, i'm still working on designs but that way i'll always have something to identify me as a diabetic. plus, it'll make a pretty cool and meaningful tattoo. tattoos might not be for everyone but its just an idea i thought id throw out there for anyone who doesnt like to wear the bracelets.

Hooray for Brian! I'm really glad that you got a bracelet and are willing to try it all out. Another thing about fielding questions about the bracelet that I've noticed is the blank stares I receive when I tell them it says diabetic because I have juvenile diabetes. At first glance, I would think they thought either a) I was ridiculous or b) they had no clue what I was talking about. But, reading your response just now, Brian, made me realize that by showing off the bracelet and being open with the information, that's always one more person that knows diabetes is out there for every one question I have to field. And if they're willing to ask questions, it’s one more person who knows we need a cure.
If that was always the case, I'd field a hundred questions daily ;)

Maybe I'm a bit strange (in fact, I know that I am . . .) but when I was diagnosed I remember thinking, in an acidosis haze mind you, about the type and style bracelet I would get. I seriously love my bracelet. And yes, I do wear it with everything. It's titatanium with gold inlay so It's pretty versatile with other accessories. Not only may it one day save my life, but it's extremely fashionable.

And as for fielding of the questions, if someone asks, I answer and try not to let the person "feel bad" for me, as they often do. I assure whomever T1 is a manageable condition of which there is myriad misinformation. Informing each person is a step closer to understanding T1 and the fight for the cure.

I never wore bracelets before I was diagnosed with T1.. So it took me ages to get used to it.. But now I don't hardly notice it! I love it. Sort of. Ha ha. As long as I don't take it off and try to put it back on it's fine!

So I finally figured out the "hate" notion of the bracelet. I take mine off when I shower, since I have a leather band I am doing what I can to keep it from drying out. Some mornings at the awful hour of 5:45 AM, I am finding I have yet woken up from my shower enough to get the blasted thing on. I love it, it is great and seems to blend well, which is kind of what I was looking for. However, it is there now which is more than I can say about my medic alert necklace, which no one will see. The funny thing is that I still am wearing it. I have worn the necklace since diagnosis and I feel odd not wearing it. I guess I should sort this thing out one of these days.

When I was a teen I just had a MedicAlert necklace that I wore everyday but no one ever saw. When I got to college I got a bracelet because I was on the pump and thought it shouldbe more visible. Now I have a bracelet and MedicAlert dog tags! I keep my Personal Health Record Summary pasted up at work because you never know who is going to need that information!

I don't mind it anymore, it has been a part of me so long that I barely even notice the bracelet anymore.


The comic strip Zits has a character in it named Pierce, who is the rebel has many, many piercings, and tatoos. One day his girlfriend looks at the back of his head and tells him there is something written back here. He responds "Type O, No Allergies. I did that when I started to play machete frisbee." Instead of putting the info on your board at work, have you considered a tatoo. But if you ever change doctor's it could get messy! :-p