Love/Hate Relationship with CGM

My CGM often hurts when I insert it, since the minimed needle is freakin gigantic and the insertion is pretty rickety in comparison to inserting my infusion set.  I know that we're waiting for the technology to improve, so I deal.

I also have soreness on the third day where I almost count down to when the 72 hours are up and it's time to take it out.  I get irritation and soreness on the site.  I don't believe that it's my process since my pump sites are not like that.  I know that I sometimes bump it and that def adds to the irritation.

I keep using it because of the benefit of knowing which direction my numbers are going.  I had two unconscious hypos where my young children (6,7 and 9) had to call 911 so I insist on having my cgm.  The pump and the cgm have prevented this from happening again and any nuisance pain/discomfort I go through is totally worth it.

Is anyone else sensitive to the minimed cgm and have you found any tricks that help?

Use the same CGM for 6 days. When sensor end comes, simply link to new sensor, and you will be set for another 3 days. I have read here, that numerous other CGM users do this, as do I, and have no issues.

Good luck!

It should not hurt at all after it is inserted. I think you should try a different place on your body to put it. I do not use my stomach or upper body for that reason. I use my thighs and slightly toward the inside. I also completely tape over the whole thing, sensor and transmitter, with opsite flexifix tape. It keeps it from moving and from getting wet when you shower or swim. I wear mine as long as they go, often 14 days.

I agree with Maureen and move it somewhere else. I hardly even notice it when I wear mine and I usually can make it 6 days on one sensor. I insert mine on the back side of my hip.

Pumpingmom of three ...

Have you ever considered getting a Diabetic Alert Dog?  I dont have one yet, I have the CGM, but I hear great stories about them and how much better , more accurate, less expensive in the long run, and dont hurt at all.