Love Juvenation!

In middleschool and highschool I had amazing A1Cs that were always in the 6s! Since I started College 4 years ago, my blood sugars have been elevated more than usually due to STRESS, irregular schedules, and living the college lifestyle if you will.

6 Months ago I hit an all time high of an A1C of 7.8!! Yikes!! About 4 months ago I joined Juvenation!! And I am pleased to say that my A1c  dropped 0.9 points to 6.9!!!! I am so excited and hope to keep up this trend and drop my a1c even more at my next checkup! I give some of my thanks to joining Juvenation for giving me support and advice to deal with my every changing life!!! =) You guys are awesome and I am so lucky to have found this website!


That makes me very happy. I also love this site, although I am a little uneasy about depending on it so much that it ends up wrecking me if something happens or people become evil or trolls or whatever...but I love it. Talk about friends...I am so grateful for people on here. My A1C went down a tenth of a it is 7.8...I think that I am strange about the levels. It is very hard if not nigh unto impossible to get them stable. I understand it as some manner--doctor said--more swings than typical...all the time...up, down, then up again. I avoid lows to keep rebounds and don't make any insulin but am so sensitive to insulin that i take 1/3 or so less that I "ought" based on body weight. Lots of muscles, though. I don't have much in the way of support other than this site, so I lean on it. It is like an oasis. It has given me my heart back...I used to have to stuff my heart away to get through the day. Now not so much. I am there with you about this place. It is a home away from home.

It is a great site. I think that having the ability to communicate with with people who go thru and vent helps in dealing with stress. Sometimes just talking can make you feel better and there are some great people here who help and listen.