Low A1C and hair loss

I went out to eat earlier this evening and overheard a comment that was made by another customer. I am wondering if it is true or not just out of curiousity.

This person said that their doctor told them that because their A1C was too low that it was contributing to their hair loss. Did anyone ever hear of this before? I personally have never been told about an A1C being too low or high causing hair loss. It made me wonder though.

Any thoughts ???

Never heard anything like that before.  That's news to me.  I'm always losing a lot of hair, but I always thought it was due to my thyroid problem.  And I probably can't be considered as having an A1C that's too low.  I'm usually right around 6.0

i have a lot of really thick hair, and most of it seems to fall out throughout the day. i asked my doctor about it once and she said it was because insulin is a hormone. when taken externally, it can cause hair to fall out. i'm not going bald or anything, but i do lose (what seems like) a ridiculous amount of hair. she never mentioned anything about a1cs, just the possible connection between insulin and hair loss.

anyone else hear that before?

Hmm ... never heard about this either. I seem to have plenty of hair despite some recent low a1c's (4.9, 5.1) that I'm working to bring up a little.

i was diagnosed in march and since then i have noticed rapid hair loss...i've always had thick hair, but since finding out about my diabetes and taking the insulin it has thinnned out.  I told my doctors and they just thought it was stress, but since march my a1c has dropped from a 14% to 5.8% so maybe the rapid deduction caused the hair loss....

Stress can cause hair loss. I don't think having a low a1c will cause hair loss that seems weird.