Low before dinner

Hi all! How do you go about administering insulin AFTER you started eating when you test and you are low. For example, you are eating dinner and test a little late and you are 60…Say I’ve eaten 60 carbs how do I put that into my pump? Do I wait until I am back to 80 and then put the amount I ate in? Do I put in as if I ate 40 carbs? Hm…I hate putting insulin in at all cause I feel like I’ll go low again, but I don’t want to go high later!



When low before dinner, I will wait until I have eaten all or a good portion of my meal before taking any insulin and then use the “Square Bolus” with time extended depending on what I ate. If I wait until after eating, I may use the “Dual Bolus” especially if I consumed a very fast acting carb.

I suggest that you enter the calculated number of carbs and, when using the bolus wizard, scroll back the BG to, in your example, 60 and let your pump calculate a negative correction. The correction is based on your insulin sensitivity for that time of day.

yea I am with @Dennis the easy way for a minimed pump is to use the wizard, which will figure your bolus minus the low you are dealing with. you can either hold off a half hour and give the estimated bolus, or you can square wave it right then for 30 minutes and get just about the same outcome. good luck.

I know my method is probably wrong but when low at the start of dinner I do nothing until I’m finished (by then I’m usually up) and then just do a straight carb bolus and drop 20 carbs off my total. So if I ate 80 carbs , I shoot for 60. It usually work ok. I hate this disease…every day!