Low Blood Glucos Symptoms... do i only get these weird ones?!

I dont know hardly any diabetics.. just two to b exact.. one is my brother who was diagnosed 2 months ago and has yet to experience a low and the second person is my second cousin and she doesnt experience the symptoms i do so i thought id askk all of u guys :)

When i have a low blood sugar i : get shakey, want to sleep, hear bussing or a vibration sound in my ears, and dont want to walk or move.

Do any of u get these symptoms??

No you are the only one who gets those symptoms. ;)

Jk (obviously)

I get those too. Especially the shaky and lethargic feelings.

You aren't alone

Depending on how low I go, I first feel hungry (if I am awake).  If I ignore that and it gets to be a bad low (in the 30's and lower) I get the MAJOR sweats, my hands start shaking, my ears start to ring, I get wobbly trying to walk, and I am sure that I start slurring my words (at least they sound slurred to me).  Your symptoms sound totally normal to me.  The one that you mentioned that I don't get is the wanting to sleep.  I actually have that when my numbers are high.

Thanks guys im glad im not alone :)  and i experience these when i get 80 or below...

I am happy if my lows only get down to 80!  But you are definantly not alone!

I get shaky too. Also, I get really crazy and hyper. I'll start saying weird random things, and laugh my head off even if they aren't funny. So I basically get loopy. And my limbs feel like a thousand pounds...

You are definitely not alone, Amber.

For a "mild" low (60 - 70), I'll get shaky and weak-feeling.  It's almost like a really bad caffiene buzz, minus the fun part.

For a more extreme low, I'll get those symptoms, plus my heart races (or I have heart palpiltations), I sweat, and my motor skills diminish.  I'll have trouble remembering things, and trying to figure things out.  My whole body feels like it's sort of vibrating.  I also lose my sense of taste when I'm really low (like, 40's), and my mouth feels prickly.  My patience and good attitude also seem to disappear. 

When mine gets low, which is rare since I struggle with "highs", I get some of those symptoms but also I get cranky and confused. (If I'm being cranky for no good reason, my husband will say "Go check your sugar!") The confusion part is worse. I'll be like "What did I eat? When did I eat it? What am I doing?"  As far as highs I get verrrrry sleepy.

No, you're not the only one!  For me, if I have a severe low (below 55), I may get cranky, break out in a cold sweat or have trouble focusing.  The worst for me is when my legs start shaking and I can't walk.  Luckily that doesn't happen very often.

I get the same ones. I get shakey, sweat a lot, have trouble thinking, don't want to move, cranky, my legs kind of feel like noodles. I hate when my sugar drops. :S It always makes me feel bad.

I always get that heart palpitation feeling and cold sweats and shallow breathing, like it is taking too much energy to take a breath.  Very cranky and irratable, also. Ohhh, and a lot of times i have that feeling of, just let me sleep a while and i will be OK, witch is probably never a good idea.

I used to get those symptoms.  After time I don't seem to feel them anymore.  I don't know if it because I have had D for 37 years or what.  I used to feel low around 80 or 90.  Now my wife notices something and demands I test and I can be as low as 30 and feel nothing.  Other times during the day I can feel low around 60.  I hope the CGM that I am waiting to be trained to use will help me.  

I get really shaky and I want to run most times


when i get low i feel shaky and i dont want to walk or move too. also i feel lightheaded. but everyone is different and has different symptoms when they are low.

when i get low i feel shaky and i dont want to walk or move too. also i feel lightheaded. but everyone is different and has different symptoms when they are low.

Nope, you definitely are not alone! I used to have a lot of the same symptoms but now im going through unawareness of my lows. Im hoping its just a phase my body is going through

One time I was walking on the University campus when my legs just turned to rubber and I had to fall into a  seated position.  There was nothIng to indicate that was about to happen, and I was not going to be able to walk anymore.  I was real lucky because I just happened to have a sweet soda in my backpack at the time. Another time I went to the movies and checked my sugar to see if I could have some of my kid's popcorn, and found I was a bit high (180).  I selected the recommended fix my pump gave for somebody not eating and saw the movie without eating popcorn. As soon as the movie was over, I went home with the kids.  At the door to the house, my eyes became kind of cloudy.  In the house, while standing in the kitchen, I suddenly felt nauseas, my eyes were still not right, and I felt confused.  I looked at my test machine and was confused on what to do with it.  My daughter was chatting to me and apparently noticed nothing weird, but I could not concentrate on her.  Out of desperation, I ripped my Omnipod pump off and got to the frig and got milk and poured a bowl of cereal and ate it.  I also grabbed a piece of a chocolate bar my daughter had made that was in the frig.  I felt quite afraid that that problem had crept up on me like that and felt fortunate I was in the house in the kitchen at the time. It was a bit difficult for me to put on another pump, but I did.

Most of the time when I am getting low, I start yawning like crazy.  Confusion is definitely a symptom most of the time too. That is what made these so weird because the symptoms just suddenly happened instead of creeping in slowly.  I do not think I hear any buzzing or vibration in my ears.  In fact, with extreme lows, I have had heightened awareness--in that, seeing, hearing, smelling things enhanced.

The worse are lows that occur during your sleep, and you come out of the sleep somehow, but you are left in a confused state about reality.  Those are quite frightening.  My friend one time fell and hit her head, and I remember in the hospital she kept repeating the same questions and phrases over and over like a broken record.  This is the state you can get in with a bad low--in that, you are left doing a repetitive thing over and over.  What is worse is as you slowly come out of it, you can watch yourself doing the repetitive thing until your sugar naturally goes up because of the dawn effect.

I have had different symptoms in different parts of my 64 years with D. If a hypo develops very fast, I can feel it when I am in the 70's. I experience lack of coordination and common sense, I have blurred vision, and i have weak knees and have a hard time standing, I stagger.  If ithe hypo develops slowly then it creeps up on me and I may not feel it until I am in the low 50's. I am always able to take care of my hypos, I have not needed assistance for more than 3 years. I needed help hundreds of times before starting pumping in June, 2007.

When I go low, I have no hunger and so it is almost impossible for my helper to get anything in me.  When up and moving at the low times, I have a huge amount of energy.  It's when I've had the sugar to bring me up that I get lethargic.

David, I am going to start a new discussion in which we will tell our strangest or most dangerous hypo. You may want to copy and paste your reply onto that thread.