Low Blood sugar and Pain

I should have realized this connection before at the moment I am having pain in my hip, probably my RA, and the other night iin bed it was fine, then it wasn’t, started to really hurt, at that time my CGM went off indicating I was getting low-100 is low for me-, after raising my BS my pain subsided, it dawned on me that when our BS goes low all of our cells are suffering, so now if i am in pain I check my BS. Stay safe everyone, I am going to be 80 in 101/2 yrs, now that is scary. Bye fornow Jan

Hi @JaniceD well happy birthday when it comes around and I’m sorry to hear about your pain. I hope you are getting the medical support you need. I suppose everyone experiences this differently because I get such an adrenaline reaction to a low that I experience no pain at all. Hope you are ok!

Same thing here–although not due to RA but to hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos, a connective tissue disorder. I’ve been meaning to post something on this for a while–for about 4-6 weeks I’ve noticed significant improvement in my pain by not going below 100 as much as possible. For almost two years (I was diagnosed a few months + two years ago), I took the advice that said, “80-100 is ideal for fasting blood sugar, your glucose should be back down here within 3-4 hours after eating.” I was going low way too often, correcting with insulin when I shouldn’t have, being not even super low but just in the 70s a lot overnight, but I thought, “this is healthy blood sugar.” I didn’t even think to make the connection therefore between my glucose levels and my chronic pain issues, chalking it up solely to my Ehlers-Danlos. Finally I took this blaring hint from my body and now, even if I’m 95, unless it’s in the morning and I have no fast-acting insulin in my system, I correct with carbs (2 or so, in this case). Any amount of fast-acting still in my system tends to just keep dragging my levels down (though I’m very certain my long-acting insulin dosage is correct). I still have significant issues from Ehlers, but my pain level–which is worst and chronic in my neck area–is so much better staying over 100. Not just my neck though–my whole body feels better, my mental attitude and ability to think feel better. I too have wondered how many people are needlessly suffering through pain due to trying to be at a “healthy” blood sugar level–perhaps especially those of us with other chronic/autoimmune issues.