Low Blood Sugar Before Meal

I was diagnosed with type 1 about 2 weeks ago.  I recently have started having low blood sugar levels before meals.  I'm not sure if I should bring it up, then take insulin and eat or try to bring it up with my meal.  If anyone has any advise I would appreciate it.  Feel like I'm playing guessing games on a roller coaster!!

Have you been having a snack between meals? My daughter frequently experiences this if she neglects to have her 15 gram snack in between meals.

Once this does happen, the way we treat can vary a bit. If she's really low (like 60's or below), I'll have her drink a small can of apple juice, then we test 15 minutes later, then she doses and eats a meal as usual. If she's with me and in the 70's or above, I usually just reduce the insulin for the meal slightly and have her go ahead and eat.

usually, if i'm about to eat anyways i don't try to bring it up first. i subtract from the amount of insulin i would take according to my levels.


i have a 1:10 carb ratio and 1unit for every 2numbers over 6 correction ratio. so say i'm 4.5 one morning at breakfast and am eating 60grams of carbs. i would calculate 6units for the carbs then subtract 1unit correction. i would take 5units and that would ideally allow my blood sugar to rise up to 6, without spiking like it would if i didn't take insulin to cover the meal. does that make sense? it's hard to explain online sometimes haha.

also, are you doing anything straining before your meals? like intense exercising? it could be caused by your morning dose of long-acting being too much for you now. what doses do you take/what insulin?

I find this a very hard situation.  I'll usually treat the low with fast-acting carbohydrates, then eat.  Sometimes I feel so bad from being low that I don't want to give insulin for the meal I'm also eating.  But if you treat the low and then don't cover the meal you are eating as well, you will end up high later...