Low blood sugar on a plane


I've just read this post about insulin pumps delivering more insulin during the changes of pressure that occur during takeoff and landing:


I was wondering if anyone here has experienced hypoglycemia due to this phenomenon...

I've never had that happen to me on a plane ride and I was pumping for 5 years with an average of 3 or 4 trips (12 - 16 plane rides) per year. I have had it happen due to gravity while on an amusement park ride at Disney though. So I always disconnected before going on something that dropped me.

This was a deal with Medtronic pumps a couple years ago.  They recalled of reservoirs and infusion sets because some had a defect that caused a massive insulin dose (not just 1.4u) to be released.  

I've flown frequently in the 9 years I've used a pump and have never experienced problems.  The Reuters study said this isn't a significant problem for most diabetics, other than kids or folks with high insulin sensitivity.